When Rachel Goldenberg of Funny or Die met with the President in February as part of a posse of online video and YouTube stars, the wheels were well in motion for Obama to make an appearance on her hit comedy and video site. Today, we get to see the results of the interview between Barack Obama and Zach Galifianakis on the legendary ‘Between Two Ferns’ web series. Ostensibly a plug for Obamacare and its 31st March deadline for Open Enrollment on Healthcare.gov., the President more than holds his own against Galifianakis’s infamously deadpan interview style and in the 6:30 clip, the pair discuss everything from Bradley Cooper, the ‘missing’ birth certificate, the ‘Hangover’ film trilogy and Galifianakis’s weight.

Usually, when politics and pop culture force a collaboration the results are horrifying but Obama pulls this one off by tackling Galifianakis head on. Ribbed about his appearance by the host, he retorts that “I wouldn’t be with you here today if I didn’t have something to plug”. “That’s the thing that didn’t work?” asks Galifianakis before pitching in with “Why would you get the guy that created the Zune to make your website?”

It’s a risky move by the White House but his appearance has already garnered thousands of column inches and hundreds of thousands of video views since the upload. As PR stunts go, it’s one of the better ones.