Yesterday (April 4), one of the most influential movie critics of all time, Roger Ebert, died at the age of 70. I used to watch “At the Movies” with Ebert and Gene Siskel anytime I had a chance, and in the later years when Ebert was an online force, I favorited as a source for interesting film discussion.  What’s great about “At the Movies” now is that you can watch virtually any review on YouTube, and Siskel & Ebert’s reviews are as classic as the movies themselves.

Nostalgia Critic, perhaps the closest thing to an online reviewing “deity,” has made a great video discussing Ebert’s legacy, why he mattered to film, and why we cared so much about his opinion.  It functions as a perfect eulogy.  The only thing I think about now that Ebert is gone is, “Who actually takes that ‘ambassador of movie critics’ mantle now that he’s gone?

Anyway, this is great (hat tip, Tubefilter):

And like I said before, there are some classic “At the Movies” you can find on YouTube.  Here’s one where Siskle & Ebert gush over The Shawshank Redemption:

RIP, Mr. Ebert.  You will definitely be missed.