Alright, this is another one of those emails that came into my Gamers Daily News email address which I found extremely interesting and thought would work well here. If you’re not a follower of video games then you might not know that Nintendo offers a portable gaming unit called the Nintendo 3DS which, as the name suggests, offers portable, glasses-free 3D graphics. It’s pretty cool in fact. Nintendo also just launched their Nintendo Video service in North America and today, announced 3D content.

Not only is Nintendo offering free, exclusive 3D video content but will also automatically deliver short 3D videos from the worlds of music, comedy, animation and Hollywood.

How cool is that?

Cool enough that OK Go will launch a new music video and will debut the 3D version exclusively on Nintendo Video on July 27th. This does not surprise me one bit after having interviewed Tim from OK Go. While he openly admitted to not playing video games, he certainly saw the value in them from an entertainment and music discovery standpoint. While this isn’t actually video games, it does tie into a system designed specifically for gaming.

Other videos that are slated to be available through the service include exclusive 3D videos from Jason DeRulo, Foster the People, CollegeHumor and the world-renowned Blue Man Group, plus extreme sports and action videos, animation from various independent studios and 3D trailers for upcoming Hollywood movies.

Nintendo 3DS lets users experience 3D games, take 3D pictures and watch 3D videos without the need for special glasses.

Now this sounds like Nintendo really has thought it out and made a focused plan prior to launching it here. They apparently went out and found partners that were interested enough to begin creating exclusive content and attracted the very popular OK Go and a debut video. I really look forward to see what they come up with and how they use 3D as they have done some extremely creative stuff in their videos.

Now, this, is a good 3D video strategy, as opposed to that of Sony.