Almost four years ago, the US got the Video Census from Nielsen and NetRatings. Now, finally, the UK is getting it as well. I’m amazed it took so long because really, they spend a lot of time prone in front of video screens and I have to imagine that video in all its forms and functions has to be big business there. Maybe I’m just wrong on that, but it seems like I might be right.

Video Census consists of metrics that will help advertisers find the best places to hit their target demographics through a deluge of data (woo! deluge for 10 points). The data will include what sites are liked by which demographic and that will help put ads in the proper places for best effect.

Basically, the goal is to get advertisers the same sort of metrics for target reach and frequency as they have for the big three traditional types (Print, Radio, TV). Some of the early data suggests that almost 27 million Brits streamed some video last month. That’s almost 50% of the 61.4 million people in the country. OK, fine, it’s exactly 26.9M or 43.5% of the 61.838 million Brits. Like I said, almost fiddy.

In those same stats it was reported that males gobble up content 2x more than women over there and the month saw just about 1.2 billion streams. YouTube tops the charts there but then the BBC beats out VEVO and Facebook.

So it seems that we can now start aggregating some monthly numbers and hopefully get a broader picture of global online video consumption. The great thing is, even if the Nielsen numbers are iffy from time to time, they’re better than nothing and we can start broadening our horizons outside of the imaginary boundaries of America. Those lines on the maps often get in the way of more global perspective and it’s good to see that we can start getting some more in-depth numbers from abroad. Of course I’m the proponent of that, having just returned to the States after 6 years out there.

Hey, if you’ve got statistics, I know a place looking to start doing some massive, anonymously, monthly/quarterly stat aggregation and reporting to start publishing industry-wide snapshots…and you don’t even have to pay to be included! Drop me a line, my email is below.