It’s hard to find case studies about companies that are harnessing the power of B2B video marketing, which is why I jumped at the chance to interview Yaniv Masjedi, Nextiva’s Vice President of Marketing. Nextiva is a leading provider of cloud-based phone services with more than 75,000 small and medium-sized business (SMB) customers across the U.S. The company makes it easy for SMBs to move their telephone systems to the cloud and with VoIP, fax, telephone, web conferencing and more, it’s a one-stop shop for cloud communication services for businesses.

We’ve already taken a look at how they are using customer service videos to reach out to their clients base, a tactic which is helping to build fantastic brand loyalty for them. Now we focus on their use of YouTube advertising to generate business leads in such a competitive marketplace.

Building A Brand Around Amazing Customer Service 

While Nextiva has a strong lead in the market, business communications is incredibly competitive. Nextiva wanted to build on its momentum with more qualified leads, which can range from SMBs to mid-size companies. The company also wanted to publicize its customer-first philosophy of “Amazing Service.” This philosophy is emphasized by making sure 95% of service calls are answered by the second ring and ensuring that your first call resolves a problem.

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“We’re not going to be that company where you wait two hours on hold,” says Masjedi. “We want to be the lifelong partner that helps your business succeed.” Nextiva’s biggest goal was to make sure potential customers heard that message. 

Using YouTube TrueViews Ads To Generate Business Leads 

To get the word out on Nextiva’s service and products, the company has been using various Google ad products since 2008, including Google Search and Display advertising. But it wanted to expand the tools it was using to reach new customers. So it decided to give YouTube TrueView ads a try. Using the new TrueView ad format, Nextiva was able to show product demos and testimonials to potential customers as they browsed YouTube videos. One popular video showed how Nextiva’s “Amazing Service” kept an insurance company up and running after Hurricane Sandy. The ad format helped Nextiva tell this story to thousands of YouTube users with an efficient cost-per-view pricing model.

“The amount of views these videos can attract is enormous,” says Masjedi. “The audience is incredibly large and the cost is relatively low.” Masjedi says using Google services has dramatically increased the number of people researching and contacting Nextiva.  

Google allows us to be in multiple places during the interest and buying cycle,” Masjedi says. “Rather than just getting a lead and following up with a call, we’re able to put Nextiva in front of customers’ eyes in many areas. The scale and reach that Google offers is far beyond the rest.” 

More Than Four Million Impressions In Three Months

Nextiva’s new TrueView campaign, combined with its existing Google AdWords campaigns, have helped the company generate thousands of new leads and made more businesses aware of the company. The TrueView campaign led to more than four million impressions on Nextiva videos in just over three months. With a view-through rate of nearly 19%, Nextiva’s TrueView promotion led to a significant rise in new visits to the website. During the campaign, overall site traffic got a nice boost. Nextiva’s website traffic jumped 20.8% and new visits to the site increased by 12.4%. YouTube-specific stats were encouraging as well, with YouTube-sourced site visits increased by 41.4%. Nextiva’s YouTube video shares were up 650%, favorites increased 150%, and comments were up 100%. Masjedi confirmed that:

Google’s been a great partner for Nextiva. It’s a one-stop shop where we cannot just focus on lead generation but support our brand message from the time someone first starts to do research to the moment they visit Nextiva. That’s something no other partner can offer us.

Nextiva’s Video Advertising And Marketing Strategy

I also interviewed Masjedi about Nextiva’s YouTube channel, programming strategy, optimization best practices, and community-building tips. Here are my questions and his answers:

Greg Jarboe: Can you tell me the backstory of Netivia’s YouTube channel? When was it launched and why did you launch it? 

Yaniv Masjedi: Nextiva’s YouTube channel was established in 2008, just a few days after we acquired our first customer. Our team knew video would be integral to our business from the very beginning and we’ve found great value in dedicating resources to this effort. We find that YouTube is an excellent medium to get our message out there to clients and potential prospects. With the site functioning as the second largest search engine behind Google, we will continue to strengthen our video efforts.

Greg Jarboe: What is your programming strategy? What is your YouTube channel’s long-term plan?

Yaniv Masjedi: Our programming strategy is based on our core mission of providing value to viewers and customers. Instead of just touting a new product, we travel to meet customers in-person and record on-air testimonials for the Nextiva YouTube channel. In addition, our team believes in providing education to our customer base. This education doesn’t always have to do with phone service, but instead highlights small business thought leaders on topics near and dear to the hearts of our customers. For example, on Mondays we feature a business tip video from best-selling small business author Mike Michalowicz. We also showcase webinars where experts discuss business-oriented topics that relate to all of our customers.

In addition to our main Nextiva YouTube channel, we have a channel titled Nextiva Cares. This channel features short videos (less than 20 seconds each) where team members personally thank customers or fans for shout-outs on Twitter and Facebook. We also respond to customer concerns on this channel. The long-term plan for Nextiva’s YouTube channels is to continue to dedicate resources to our video efforts. When we started with video, we hired temporary employees to facilitate recordings. Today, we have an in-house production team that helps make our videos the best they can be.

Greg Jarboe: Are you using any optimization best practices? In addition to using TrueView, how do audiences discover your videos?

Yaniv Masjedi: Instead of subscribing to a mass optimization strategy, we try to give each customer individualized attention via video. We find that this personal touch leads to more clicks. For example, we may send out a thank you video to a customer and, without our prompting, find that that customer shares the video with his or her friends and business colleagues. Those people then come back to one of our YouTube channels to learn more about our product. We’ve experienced tremendous ROI as a result of our dedication to producing quality recordings.

Beyond customers sharing videos, we find that people discover our YouTube presence through our tweets and Facebook posts containing video links. We also send customer success story videos to prospects. After a while, the momentum creates a flood of viewers. That, and TrueView also helps us optimize.

Greg Jarboe: Can you share any important tips about building a genuine community around your channel and what it stands for?

Yaniv Masjedi: The best and most authentic way to build a genuine community around your company’s YouTube channel is to put in the work. There really isn’t a silver bullet. Mobilize your team to create content that will truly provide value to your customers, potential clients and overall viewers. The better your content, the more engaged your community will be.