YouTube has spawned several new celebrities, from Bieber to Freddie Wong to Rhett & Link. But even as those singers and filmmakers are signing record deals and landing reality shows on IFC, there are more future YouTube stars waiting to take their place. And YouTube is letting you, the viewers, help pick the next up-and-coming YouTube creator that will get a special boost toward video stardom.

The winner of each month’s On The Rise competition receives–in addition to mentions on the YouTube blog–special promotion on the YouTube home page. Which means they’re basically given a “gain a ton of subscribers and fans free” card. It’s a huge boost to their profile, and nearly every previous winner has seen spikes in their viewership and subscriptions.

Yesterday, the company released the four nominees for the August On The Rise contest, and you have about a week (until the 22nd) to say your peace and impact which creator becomes the next YouTube star.

The Geek Group

The Geek Group is partly about science, partly about technology, and partly about mechanics and engineering. If you call yourself a geek, you’ll probably be interested in some of the topics they cover.

Here they are trying to make an iPhone explode:

Each of those guys is pretty obviously smarter than me, and while I’m not sure I’m the target audience, it’s clear to see their appeal.


Jason Munday makes music. He also happens to have a bit of video-game-fanboy in him. So he integrates some of his favorite nerd icons and topics into his songs. Or sometimes he just creates entire videos using classic cartoon theme songs:


Crafts are pretty popular stuff on YouTube, and that’s a trend that’s increasing, not slowing. So RobynStamps is on a good path by choosing papercrafts and scrapbooking as her niche.

Check out her Halloween craft tips:


MidTownKid loves martial arts and thinking deeply, and shares videos of a wide variety. One great think about this creator is that he’s published over 500 videos in just three years… that’s definitely cranking them out.

Here’s a video of MilTownKid’s thoughts on how we can all change the world by being awesome.

Help choose the next YouTube star. You can vote for your favorite of the four, giving one of them a legitimate shot at YouTube stardom with a home page feature, by going to the YouTube blog and making your selection in the top right of the screen.