Today, Wochit Inc. announced a platform by which web publishers can have access to a steady stream of video news content tailored to their sites’ needs, all courtesy of their partnerships with Grab Media, OneScreen and Rightster.  Web publishers looking to keep their website up-to-date with a constant stream of video can join up with Wochit, be able to generate content at a rapid rate, and generate revenue based on that content.  It’s nice not to worry about where your content is coming from today, and you can still produce your own to go alongside it.

How Wochit’s News Aggregation Works

They not only have partnerships with Grab Media, OneScreen, and Rightster, but also Reuters and Getty Images, well-known providers of licensed footage and photography.  Wochit monitors trending topics from social media feeds and to determine what’s fresh, and then produces web video content for publishers to get immediate access.  You can see this actually at play on Wochit’s website, where the right side of their page constantly gets updated with new videos of breaking news.

So, constant updating of news stories whenever you want them seems like a pretty good way to keep your site current, and you don’t have to go around to every news source looking for a YouTube video to embed or trying to figure out how to embed a video that is on some embed-unfriendly site.  If Wochit has all the sources they say they do, then you should never want for content.  That’s for sure.

We’ve seen news aggregation in other forms.  Glocal recently set up a site that would be like “Hulu for News,” where you could go to the site and tailor it for your need of news consumption.  But that’s more for the people who are seeking out news, rather than the people who want to use it for their websites.

For more about Wochit, you can go to their site.