For many of us, long gone are the days that we sit down in front of the TV at 6pm or 9pm and catch up with the headlines. Now we want our news on demand, available when we want to watch it and we’ve turned to the internet to provide us with updates and commentary via social media or from the online sites of the TV networks themselves. Twitter or Reddit are just, as if not more, likely to break a story than CBS or the BBC and as consumers, we are becoming more reliant on our smartphones to access the information we need. News organisations understand they need a presence online and YouTube is a vitally important outlet for many as they cater to their audience’s new demands. We take a look at some of the best, and most subscribed to, news and current affairs channels. They are in no particular order, except perhaps number 8.

1. Associated Press

Founded way back in 1846, the Associated Press, one of the world’s biggest sources of independent news, has enthusiastically embraced online video as a medium. The non-profit news organisation uploads an average of 10 videos a day to their YouTube channel and they also syndicate video news to other sites like Yahoo!

407,009 Subscribers / 1,325,671,437 Views 

2. New York Times

The New York Times YouTube channel supplements their breaking news coverage with other topics such as travel and fashion, but they also have an excellent archive of film which can be accessed by viewers. Their ‘Retro Report’ playlist is a fascinating look back at some of the big news stories of the past.

291,245 Subscribers / 124,906,291 Views

3. The Young Turks

As the 355th most popular site on YouTube, the Young Turks Network (TYT) produces around a dozen live stream videos a day both for YouTube and for Roku. Cenk Uygur’s liberal leaning news outlet was the first news channel to hit a billion views.

1,299,230 Subscribers / 1,202,830,971 Views 

4. SourceFed

Created by Philip DeFranco, SourceFed is a daily news show focusing on the biggest or most infamous stories of the day. The 378th most popular channel on YouTube, targets a younger audience then, say AP, and has over 1 million subscribers.

1,179,737 Subscribers / 460,217,688 Views

6. The Guardian

The Guardian, one of the UK’s most respected and revered news resources since 1821 has had a presence on YouTube for 7 years. They upload around 50 videos a week, a mixture of news, sport, entertainment, long form news content and interviews.

62,322 Subscribers / 48,765,571 Views

7. YouTube Worldwide News

YouTube’s own news channel is an aggregator of content from CNN, AP, NBC and other sources and is an excellent one stop shop if you need a quick overview of a breaking news story or are looking for different perspectives.

22,088,226 Subscribers / No View Data 

8. The Onion

With headlines such as “Sony Releases Stupid Piece of Sh*t That Doesn’t F*cking Work” and “Boys Tragic Death Could Have Happened To Any Family With 20-Foot Pet Python” The Onion’s YouTube channel isn’t going to be the first port of call for anyone looking for an indepth critique of the day’s news. However, it’s a good place to get an alternative take on some of the bigger stories, if you don’t mind your news with a side order of heavy sarcasm.

599,362 Subscribers / 273,485,445 Views

Stats courtesy of YouTube & VidstatsxFeature Image, subscribers and views at time of writing.