In case you’re just now recovering from all the recent changes YouTube has made to their system, it’s time to brace for another round of major changes. This time they’ll be removing some of your subscribers from your channel’s subscriber count if the subscriber’s account is old, inactive, hasn’t been linked to a Google Account, or if YouTube feels like the subscriber has been gamed and inflated through different YouTube schemes and services that break its Terms of Service.

The other big news from YouTube is a new YouTube player that’s coming out sometime soon. There’s no ETA at the moment, but it will feature a new storyboard element that lets users skim through an entire video and have a thumbnail preview of what’s happening at that moment in the video, even without needing to buffer. Instead of collecting only 3 thumbnail images from each video, now YouTube will be collecting 100 thumbnail images, although it’s uncertain whether or not we’ll be able to actually set one of those 100 thumbnails as the image for our videos or if we’ll still only get the same 3 choices as we do now.

Plus, we talk about how important it is for your videos to focus on a specific niche and capitalize on that audience, per YouTube’s VP of Global Content Partnerships indicated in his keynote speech at CES last week.

Subscriber Count Inflation, A New YouTube Player, & More

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