Late last week, YouTube rolled out some major changes to their design. The overall look is much darker, with more black and grey, but the layout is dramatically changed as well. The new YouTube is more focused on social activity around video and in letting viewers customize their home page experience. So… what does that mean for you? That’s the focus of this week’s episode of The Reel Web.

The New YouTube Design & You

QUESTION: What do you think of YouTube’s design changes?

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On this week’s look at the Reel Web, we cover some of the huge changes that YouTube implemented last week to their overall design of the website, that that means for you guys, your subscribers and the content you create and more. That’s all coming up.

Hey guys, my name is Tim Schmoyer, welcome to another week of the Reel Web we just highlight some of the top online video news from the week before. This week, one of the biggest stories is YouTube totally changing the design of their website, there’s a lot of implications for that. But first, I want to point out a couple of statistics that also came out last week that are kind of being overlooked with the whole YouTube thing but I think are really important.

A report came out showing that for the first time in 20 years, the number of TVs that are in American households is on the decline. Apparently, more than 1.2 million households decided to kick the TV to the curb and now have no TV in their homes whatsoever. While the report said nothing about online video content, with the rise of DVRs going up by about 10% in American households, that does seem to suggest to me that the need for online demand video content is growing and growing. Here on the internet, we can watch our video content whenever we want, we don’t have to wait for a TV cable provider to show it to us. I don’t know if that suggests anything but this makes it feel like this is the place to be.

Also some statistics came out last week from Comscore’s Video Metrics showing that for the first time, is right behind YouTube in online video use. Now Google sites and YouTube are very clearly like, just totally dominating, they’re so far ahead, but it does seem interesting to me that Facebook has made that kind of ground in such a short period of time. Whenever I upload a video to Facebook, it feels like it hardly gets any user interaction at all. Like, I even wonder if anyone’s even seeing it and because of the lame metrics and statistics that are there, I can’t even tell how many views it’s gotten.

But if I upload my video to YouTube and then share that link on Facebook, I seem to get so much more interaction and engagement with it. Facebook as a video platform just seems so lame and ineffective for my video content so maybe that’s just me, maybe that’s just my content, maybe you guys are having a different experience. Share below and let us know, I would love to hear from you, is Facebook video really working for you at all, are you getting any kind of comments or user engagement or any spread or views on it at all?

And now let’s talk about YouTube. Oh, the changes they have made and the people there are ticking off. But first, let’s talk about the non-controversial thing, the YouTube analytics that have change, formerly known as insights have done a complete overhaul. We already talked about this a little bit a couple of episodes ago, if you want to see more about that, that is linked below. I’ll encourage you guys to check it out because there’s a lot of new things that I really don’t have time to cover here.

But really, it’s just a more in-depth approach and a more in-depth look, a lot more statistics and stuff that are very helpful for your videos. I just dug through them all last weekend in preparation for some of the stuff I’m doing here for the Reel SEO channel and it’s just really, really helpful stuff. One of the first things you’ll notice on your YouTube analytic page is just a really nice looking overview of everything that’s happening, information you care about is accessed very quickly and just kind of enabling you to see just really what’s going on with your channel at a glance.

Then you dig down a little bit deeper and find more detailed information about what’s going on with your content and your audience. You can also actually see what’s driving most views and subscriptions to your content and which videos are performing the best and why. And also, now you can see your audience’s retention to your videos.

This isn’t really new but it’s been beefed up a lot and helps you really know where your audience is dropping out in the course of your videos andwhere they’re engaging and what’s happening so you can best develop content that works for your audience. YouTube also created a little infographicthat shares more about what’s going on at the new analytics on YouTube so if you want to check that out, the link to it is below.

Now let’s move to the front end of YouTube a little bit, this is where most of the changes have really taken place for the average consumer, a person who’s just watching YouTube. (Video playback) “There’s a new look and it all starts on the homepage.”

And so far the response has not really been too positive from what I can tell, all the comments on YouTube’s post are just people like, ranting and raving about how horrible it is, how much they hate it. I mean, these are very strong, opinionated people.

And even if you go to YouTube’s own video about this that announces the changes and how all the new layout stuff works, you would think it’s a Rebecca Black video from all the thumbs down this video has. It has over 16,000 comments and people are just bashing this thing completely, it’s horrible. Maybe I’m in the minority but I actually like it. I’ve been using Cosmic Panda for, well, ever since it came out. I switched to it and never switched back except for a couple of things to do some things, leave video responses that I couldn’t under Cosmic Panda.

But now that Cosmic Panda is released for everybody, it sounds like the world is just going to fall down. But it’s not, don’t panic guys, everything’s fine, change is just a natural part of life and something we all go through. (Video playback) “You and me have a lot of quarrels but I always thought deep down you were my friend.”

Some of the things I like is that now the home page is actually kind of useful for me. Before, it was just cluttered with like, everyone who was thumbs ups and liking stuff and commenting and favoriting, it was all just a bunch of stuff that I really didn’t really care about that much. I really just want to see my subscriptions and that is where the beauty of this new homepage really shines.

New homepage still shows a lot of those social interactions like before but now there’s just a simple little box that you can check to show uploads only and all the other stuff goes away. Now it’s more like a social livestream, kind of what we’re familiar with on Facebook where all the latest stuff and content is just right there, easy to find.

One thing that I really like that’s a step in the right direction but not really what I was hoping for is that now you can pick your top 10 channels that you’re subscribed to and just pin them easily to the top left side of the left side bar, making that content easily accessible to see the social activity and the content just from that user.

Personally, I wish that YouTube subscriptions worked more like Google Reader because I have right now, 355 subscriptions and when I have them all in just one big box in my subscription page in YouTube, it is hard to keep up with. And some of them very quickly just get bumped out of my subscription box because it only shows the top 100 so with the number of subscriptions I have, there is too many just going through there and there is a lot of content I miss.

If I haven’t checked in for three days, a lot of that content has already just passed all the way through my subscription box. So I would love more organization features where I could categorize stuff, title stuff, have like, my top favorites, stuff I always want to have and just have like, multiple subscription boxes even, if that’s possible, which I don’t see why it isn’t, so hopefully sometime in the future, that’s coming.

There’s a lot more social activity built into the new YouTube homepage, now it’s even more important than ever that we get people to share our content on Facebook and Google Plus because there’s an option right there on the sidebar that shows all the latest videos that your friends are sharing on Facebook and Google Plus. Making it not just about what your YouTube friends are sharing but even more so about what your actual real life friends are sharing on Facebook.

So it makes it just all the more reason to encourage people to share your videos, post them on Facebook and make content that is worth sharing in the first place. And if you don’t mind sharing this video, that would be awesome, we would love it, thank you.

There are also a lot more new features that rolled out to YouTube this past week, a lot of that had to do with the behind the stuff, how we set up our channels, different layouts the content will have. Rather than going over that here, let’s talk about that more on Wednesday for our creator’s tip video and I will show you guys how to best set up your channel for your content to drive new people to more of your videos and just really boost engagement and all that kind of stuff. So we’ll look at more about how to set up your channel on YouTube this Wednesday.

But of course to get that content, you’ll have to subscribe, you can click right there to do that, that way, you’ll get our video content every Monday for these looks at the Reel Web. And then also on Wednesday for our creator’s tip videos, we’d love to have you guys join us. But before you go, I also want to hear, what do you guys think about the new YouTube layouts and all the changes and the designs and the stuff that they’ve done? Comment below and share your thoughts with us or even better yet, click right there and leave a video response, we would love to actually see you and hear you and engage with you guys. We really do love your video responses here at Reel SEO.

And one last thing before you guys go, this is so important, so far we’ve just been engaging through the comments and also through YouTube’s messaging system but now I want to share with you guys my email address, it is [email protected] So write me, guys and if email’s too old school, not really your thing, you can also find me on or at as well. I’d love to connect with you guys and I will see you all again on Wednesday for our creator’s tip video when I share with you guys more about the channel setups for your videos here on YouTube. Bye.