Everyone’s buzzing this week about Twitter’s new design–actually, I should say that “everyone who cares about Twitter” is buzzing about Twitter’s new design. If you don’t use the service, you might not even know there’s a new version. But there is. And despite the new embed function, and the new layout and categorizations… the truly big news about Twitter’s new design has to do with something near and dear to most of our readers: video.

First the Basics: The New Twitter Design

Let’s get the non-video stuff out of the way first. First, there’s a brand new layout. It looks like this:

There are now four main ways to interact with Twitter, broken into tabs: Home, Connect, Discover, and Me. Almost all the changes are designed to help make Twitter more accessible to new users who don’t know all the lingo or are unsure how to use the service best.

Venture Beat says the much-maligned “embed this Tweet” function now works perfectly as well. Sweet.

Here’s a video they released covering the major changes in the new design:

Twitter Hearts Video

The big news, of course, from our perspective, is the ability for companies to add a video to their Twitter header. This is done through a new service called Brand Pages. Much the same way Google Plus has done recently, Twitter is creating tools for businesses, differentiating more between individuals and companies.

With Brand Pages you get:

  • Customizable headers – You can make your logo bigger!
  • Sticky Tweets – Brands can select a recent Tweet they’d like to stay at the top of the stream, even if it’s not the most recent. And–here comes the exciting part–that Tweet can even auto-expand to reveal a photo or video.

That is absolutely huge news. And it makes perfect sense. Twitter’s not dumb, after all. I’m sure they have data on how much video users are sharing on their service. The creation of Brand Pages will help businesses make their Twitter page a destination… and the ability to add video allows for the kind of engaging content we know users