Oops, yes it’s him again. Old Spice Man is back and he’s here to give men an ‘internetervention’ should they have inquired about buying leather sheets, a push up muscle shirt, soul patch flavors or 6 other (frankly, quite believable) products that can only bring shame upon the purchaser. P&G have enlisted the help of Isaiah Mustafa, the face behind the most successful Old Spice campaign of all time, with their new campaign, built around 9 websites that advertise fake services and products. When the user clicks on any part of the site, a warning buzzer sounds (which is fun if you have your speakers turned up, tea all over the keyboard…) and then Mustapha appears to tell them of the error of their ways. A different video plays on each site, each one very amusing.

The 9 bogus websites for the ridiculous male products each return a different video ad for the new Old Spice Body Spray, based on the content of the site. You can send links from each of the sites to friends and colleagues via social media inviting them to check out tan parties, illegal neck workouts or a bargain tattoos. Links below:


Created by long time Old Spice agency of choice, Weiden+Kennedy Portland, it comes hot of the heels of the ‘Mom‘ campaign for the ‘Bearglove; and ‘Lionpride’ body sprays. And with names like that, they would have seemed ideal contenders for the latest ads, no?