This week we had the opportunity to speak with Benny Luo, CEO and co-founder of the website, NewMediaRockstars. The site follows all things new media entertainment related and includes great interviews by popular and up-and-coming YouTube personalities.  In this Creator’s Tip video, Benny shares with us best practices that are common among some of the most successful YouTube superstars and things you should be doing to become the next New Media Rockstar.

What is a ‘New Media Rockstar’?

While it is still a somewhat subjective term, Benny Luo considers a new media rockstar to be…

“…any artist or creative that has found a way to generate an audience online organically and managed to either build a brand off of it or build a business off of it.”

Common Rockstar Traits:

There are many common traits and practices that are used by all successful YouTube ‘Rockstars’.  While many of these have been mentioned often in previous videos, it is clear they are a necessary ingredient to ensure success in online media.

  • Produce Consistent Content – Viewers need to be able to count on what your content will provide them and when and how regularly they will be able to see content created by you.
  • Pick a Niche – Choose something you are really passionate about and expand on it.
  • Be Authentic – Viewers want to feel like they are watching someone they can relate to.  A personality they feel is a real person.
  • Take Action – Stop looking for all the reasons you might not succeed in online video and just start producing content.

In watching videos created by successful online personalities it may seem intimidating not having the best equipment, editing techniques or skills, however, the most important things you need to get started are:

  1. Passion for the content you are providing
  2. Authenticity that comes across in your videos

Thanks to Benny Luo for the time.  Don’t forget to follow @newrockstars and @bennyluo on Twitter.

View The Full Video Transcript

On this week’s Creators Tip, we’re going to be talking to Benny Luo, cofounder and CEO of New Media Rockstars about what is a New Media Rockstar and how do
you become one, that’s coming up.

Hey, guys! My name is Tim Schmoyer and today I have the tremendous pleasure of talking with Benny Luo, the CEO and cofounder of
Thanks for joining us Benny, good to have you. What is a ‘new media rockstar’?

I think the term is, on the surface, kind of quite subjective. I don’t really believe there’s a solid, solid definition for it just because I feel like the
new media industry is still kind of new. But for us, like our staff, we kind of like, get it down to a few things and that’s pretty much any artist or
creative that has found a way to generate an audience online organically and managed to either build a brand off of it or build a business off of it. I
think those kinds of people qualify as a new media rockstar.

Cool. So what is your website,, what is that all about then?

We pretty much cover all things new media entertainment related. So let’s say if a celebrity goes on YouTube, that’s something that we cover. We’ll cover
all types of YouTube personalities and things that they’re doing. We cover all things where you see instances where new media is transitioning to
mainstream media or vice versa, cause you see a lot of those things happening in the industry right now.

So you guys are talking to lots of these new media rockstars as you guys calls them and through all your interviews and all your discussions you’re kind of
like studying them. What are some of the common traits you’ve seen among these people? Cause a lot of our people who are watching this are like ‘man I want
to be a new media rockstar.’ And they’re trying to go that direction, so what does it take to be a new media rockstar? What are those common traits you see
in most of these people you’re talking to?

I think you’re going to see a lot of things that you’ve heard of, whether it’s producing consistent content. Sometimes having good video equipment or
having a plan or finding a passion for what you do and picking a niche and expanding from there. But I think that the really key thing that all the
successful new media rockstars that we’ve featured has is mainly authenticity. And I think that that’s a huge part of everything cause that’s what social
media is all about. It’s being able to talk to someone that you can kind of relate to, you feel like that person is like a real being.

Yeah, and that’s really encouraging to hear, cause what I didn’t hear you saying is oh you had to be super outgoing. Cause there’s a lot of people on
YouTube who do well but there’s this perception that you have to be really energetic. Like you have to be a ShayCarl or iJustine or Toby Turner who have
these really outgoing personalities who people really love watching. But you don’t necessarily have to have that to be a new media rockstar. Authenticity
trumps that, right?

Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, I mean, like I said, people don’t want to be talking to a robot. New media is all about connecting with a personality and if
they’re reachable that’s really the difference between a traditional talent and a new media talent.

So what are some of the best practices? You mentioned authenticity and we mentioned briefly regular content, are there other best practices that you see,
for people to really achieve this level of status in the new media world, these are the common things they’re all doing, some best practices, tips, advice?

Find your niche. Find what you’re passionate about and just do it. I think the best part about the internet is literally there’s a demand for everything.
And one guy I look up to Gary Vaynerchuk, I mean he’s like a big social media guru, and he owns like a multimillion dollar wine business, I mean that’s
usually based online right now. I mean he grew that from the online space. So one of the things he said is find what you’re passionate about and as long as
you find that you can monetize that on the internet. And so I think that anybody who is trying to make money online or become the next big viral YouTube
star or whatever, like find whatever you’re passionate in. I mean if you look at Mr. Guitar Man, he was passionate in his directing skills and filmmaking
and what have you. If you look at Jenna Marbles, she’s really good at like talking crap and talking stuff about her life, you know what I mean? She’s
really awesome at that and she’s funny.

Yeah, I know a lot of people they just jump out there and think man I need really high end equipment, I need high end production value or they make excuses
like, oh I don’t know how to use After Effects or I don’t know how to edit this or that. Is that really a legitimate excuse for not diving into this space
in the first place?

Of course not. I mean I think somebody told me, Jerry Vidcon, Jenna Marbles was on this panel and one of the questions to her was, hey, how do I become
like you? And all she said was, from my recollection, she said take out your laptop, open it and then press record and go.

That’s exactly how I got started actually, with a little iSight cam on my Macbook back in the day before I even had a video camera, like a legit video
camera. Yeah, guys definitely just get started with what you have and just kind of expand from there. Cause you don’t want to dump a lot of time and money
into equipment and then realize, oh I’m not really as passionate about this as I thought. So authenticity, like Benny said really does trump everything.
Thanks for your time, thanks for advice, where can they connect with you and find you online for social media?

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