You know, for all the damage Netflix has done over the last few months to their reputation–not to mention their stock prices and bottom line–they’re still making some positive moves in the area of content. AMC’s Breaking Bad (seasons 1-3), which is one of my personal favorite shows, hit the streaming service just last month. And now they’re in discussions to acquire the rights to produce 10 new episodes of beloved cult favorite sitcom, Arrested Development.

New Arrested Development Episodes From Netflix?

The news came straight from the mouth of Mitch Hurwitz, the show’s creator, in a panel discussion. Hurwitz said the plan is to create a 10-episode follow-up season of brand new material, to be followed by a feature film. 20th Century Fox, the sitcom’s original producer, would also be involved. Showtime is also involved in the discussions. Oh, and they’ll be making a feature film to follow the

For fans of Arrested Development, this news should send them over the moon, as most tend to think the show was canceled far too soon. There have been rumors of an Arrested Development film for years, but nothing has ever been quite as official as this. And it’s much more than just the film, it’s a new season of the show as well.

Here’s a video of the panel discussion where Hurwitz made the big reveal:

Exclusive Content Could Be Exactly What Netflix Needs

We keep saying Netflix’s future rests on their ability to get good content. Because it’s true. But Netflix is already working on creating their own original content, with the high-profile House Of Cards starring Kevin Spacey. And they’re also working on another angle: exclusive content. They recently signed a pretty big content deal with Dreamworks Animation, giving them rights HBO and Showtime won’t have.

And now they’re in talks to do something really ambitious in helping to revive Arrested Development. The exclusive nature of this new season of 10 episodes (and the eventual film) could be a huge “get” for Netflix in the ongoing battle for online video viewers.

Reviving a canceled sitcom that has grown more popular after the fact is nothing new. Both Futurama and Family Guy went through similar second lives. Will Arrested Development’s audience come back for new episodes? Will they be willing to go to Netflix for that content? I’d love to know what you think.