A new study from internet solution company Sandvine asserts that more than half of all the data we download or stream via the internet is video content. The Global Internet Phenomena Report: 1H 2013, which tracked usage from North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia confirmed that YouTube accounts for 17.1% of traffic to residential homes in North America (24.2% across Europe) with Netflix taking the lion’s share at 32.3%. Mobile consumption of video is also increasing with YouTube responsible for over 20% of mobile downstream traffic in the US, Latin America and Europe and mobile data usage for Netflix doubling in size from last year for North American viewers.

Who Is Using All The Bandwidth?

Here are the top 10 bandwidth eaters for downstream, upstream and aggregate internet usage according to the Sandvine report. Hulu is the only other video streaming site to make an appearance alongside YouTube and Netflix.

sandvine video traffic

Real Time Entertainment Responsible For A Third Of Downstream Internet Traffic

‘Real Time Entertainment’ content (video and audio) makes up the bulk of downstream and aggregate internet traffic in the States. No real surprise there, we know that Netflix is bulldozing through its competitors with 4 billion hours worth of streaming video content being watched in the first 3 months of this year alone. With Netflix taking a third of the share of fixed network downstream traffic, and YouTube nearly a fifth, real time entertainment is responsible for 68% of data transfer, an increase of 3% from 2012.

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YouTube saw a significant increase in data usage in North America at 17.1% of all downloaded content, up from 13.8% from the year before. Sandvine believes this is attributable to smartphone and tablet usage within the home (“home roaming”). Home roaming still counts towards the fixed access figures and  second screen devices are responsible for over a quarter of all streaming video and audio content over fixed access networks. Over mobile, YouTube has grabbed 25% of all peak period traffic.

Apple devices consume over 35% of all streaming audio and video on North America fixed access networks, with the iPad the number one at 10%.

The full report can be accessed from the Sandvine site.