What will be noted about Netflix’ 2011 will be that poorly-handled price increase that sent people into mass hysteria.  What won’t be noted that much, but has way more impact, is that Netflix saw people stream like they’ve never streamed before in 2011, and in the 4th quarter of last year those streaming hours hit 2 billion.  That’s a lot of movies and TV shows being watched instantly.  That’s money in the bank.  What it shows is that while Netflix and Reed Hastings made a colossal blunder with their price hike, the fact is, you still get a great service on the cheap, and that’s what matters most.

Netflix To Have An Interesting 2012 As Well

20 million streaming subscribers in 45 countries watched 2 billion hours of content in Q4 2011 alone, and with increased focus on acquiring content and being available on almost any device, that should balloon in 2012, provided Hastings and co. don’t do something really crazy.

With Lilyhammer, House of Cards, and new episodes of Arrested Development slated for early 2013, Netflix is looking to do battle with pay cable by offering content that they own and don’t have to pay extravagant content fees to keep.  Netflix has been very smart about acquiring new content, but know that they can’t rely on others to provide 100% of it, so getting their own series is the right thing to do.

Also, much like YouTube, they have tried diligently to be available on everything, and soon the United States might get a Facebook app.  It looks to be a very fine year for Netflix after their PR stumble in 2011.