I bet there’s a lot of “Boo-F-in-Ya!” going on at the Netflix offices these days after the announcement that they have dethroned Apple as the most satisfying customer experience in the nation. Boom chikka waaa waaaa it’s gotta be like love-making music to the ears of the Netflix management. Go ahead, give yourselves a smooch while I formulate the next sentences.

Not you, the Netflix people. Although if you need some self-loving go ahead, it’s hump day.

Enough tomfoolery now. Netflix scored a big old numero uno and beat out 529 other brands including Apple who dropped to deuce (you thought I wrote dropped a deuce didn’t you?) in the latest Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index.

That lengthily-named tome is built on consumer perceptions of what makes them loyal to a brand. The brands are split up by category and the index is said to carry some serious weight in the marketing world and on Wall Street. I suppose if all of your clients love you far more than they love the competition that’s a sure sign of long life and investment stability.

Now we haven’t got our hands on the full results just yet, MediaPost is hoarding them and managed an exclusive on the survey results. Greedy so-and-so’s. Fine, so I would have done the same thing if I had thought to do so.

This year’s survey was the first that included a video rental category which makes me think WTF, since video rental has been around since I was in high school. Well thanks to that category’s inclusion Netflix knocked out all comers with the best overall attributes of any brand. Hey Hollywood, did you hear? Netflix is simply loves by its users and they probably won’t be coming over to your new-fangled, late-to-the-party, online video streaming service. Perhaps you might want to re-think that hatred you have of Netflix… just sayin’.

Netflix did so well in fact that no one could even come close though Blockbuster, Redbox and DVDXpress all tried and failed we’re told. My father uses Redbox and I have to say, it’s pretty snazzy stuff.

Netflix Should Strike While the Iron is hot

Really, when some notable consumer survey comes out and ranks you #1 in the nation, you should definitely start up some high level discussions for new strategic partnerships. If Wall Street puts credence in the report then perhaps you can use it to leverage, in the case of Netflix, more content, longer contracts, more favorable terms and, here’s a big one, wave it in the face of those Hollywood execs who have been shunning you (no matter what that so-called Hollywood writer, who has intimate knowledge apparently of the direct-to-DVD market, says on my other Netflix article).

I’m not saying take them to the cleaners, but I suggest showing them just why they should place their content with you. How everyone else gets paid prior to the digital distribution rights, isn’t your problem. If the writers, directors, actors, producers, etc are all pissed off about not getting their share of the digital pie, perhaps they should have better contracts, just like everyone else should in that supply chain. I’m all for people getting paid for their work as I am paid to create as well, so don’t come call me a corporate bastard. I’m a freelancer and work for myself.

Generation Z, the digital generation, and the generations that follow aren’t going to be investing in towers to hold massive piles of DVDs and Blu-Rays, they’re going to be using cloud-based services and digital content delivery systems that give them access to their entertainment anywhere, anytime. That’s what I want and I’m not even of that generation. I’m Gen X, but we grew up and watched the world go from analog to digital and I’m all for the continued evolution and many of my ilk are on board with me on this one.