I sometimes wonder if it’s even proper to announce Netflix-related things.  But this Facebook integration has taken a long time to happen (it was announced in July 2011), mainly because of privacy issues.  Honestly, I’ve never quite caught on to the joys and wonders of sharing everything you do with your friends, and simply watching a movie or giving it your implied endorsement doesn’t seem to be something that I’d be too keen on.  Why do you care what I watch?  Why would I want you to know this about me?  But, there are people who want to do this, and now Netflix has made it official.

Netflix Facebook Integration Is Finally Here

It’s being rolled out, and everyone in the U.S. will finally be getting it by the end of the week.  Other places in the world had no problem with social integration, but the US had a law where movie rental companies could not share rental histories with others–a law that strangely applied to Facebook and its “I’m sharing everything I want to share” mentality.  But then the Video Privacy Protection Act got passed and it paved the way for Netflix to finally get into Facebook.

You will be able to change settings or take each film case-by-case, so that you don’t share that you watched Basic Instinct.  Although I’m sure there will be many people who forget about their settings and accidentally share that they watched a double feature of Alvin & the Chipmunks and Citizen Kane.  And TechCrunch is already reporting the odd feature that, in its current form, you’ll know what your friends’ kids watch, mainly because of the rush job to get this integration going.

I know this is great news for some of you.  For me, I will not be participating anytime soon.