Latin America is one of the most booming areas of the world in terms of online video growth. Just two weeks ago, we saw Poptent open an office in Brazil to better serve their customers in that market. And now Netflix has announced that it will open up its streaming online video service to consumers in Mexico, Central America, and South America.

Netflix hasn’t really announced anything more than that. There’s no exact information available yet on dates, costs, or details. I presume they’d be rolling it out sometime this year.

The streaming service started as a U.S. only service several years ago, but rolled out to Canada last year. And now it’s moving into Central and South America. Which probably indicates that the Netflix streaming service is doing pretty well for itself.

I think it also signifies how rapidly online video is growing around the world. It’s easy to put on our blinders and think that the U.S. or the UK are the only online video landscapes, but it’s a great big world out there. Turns out, they like video too.

In terms of takeaways, this should serve as a good reminder about how global online video is, and how much we risk as video marketers when we get tunnel vision on just one country or demographic. The businesses that thrive with video in the next five years will be the ones that keep this in mind.

Any readers in Central or South America that can maybe help shed some light on the online video landscape there? Is there already demand for Netflix’s service, or simply a surge in overall online video activity?