One thing that I think will be interesting to watch with Netflix over the next several weeks and months is how much of the profit from the recent price hike goes into improving the streaming service’s overall library size and quality. Maybe I’m just being optimistic–I am apparently the only Netflix apologist around here–but I have to believe that if they really believe the DVD’s are on their way out and the streaming service is the future, they need to add more titles overall, and better ones at that. 

If they don’t–if the streaming service stays as it is now for the next six months–then even the customers who haven’t left will start considering it.

This week, Netflix took a pretty huge step toward boosting the high-profile content on the site, by adding the entire series run (to date) of AMC’s Mad Men–all four seasons–to the streaming service.

I happen to be a fan of the show, which makes this an exciting content addition for me personally. But I also have several friends who are Netflix users who’ve never watched Mad Men, and they seem to be pretty excited about its new streaming availability as well.

And the 1.3 million Netflix customers who have rated the show have given it an average of 4.2 stars out of 5. (Based on my past viewing and reviewing history on the site, they seem to think I’ll grade Mad Men with 4 stars, which is probably just about right).

Netflix already streams several hugely popular shows like Glee, Bones, and even Lost. So I don’t want to give them impression that adding Mad Men instantly makes the streaming content offering better overnight. But it’s one of the highest rated and most-watched cable series in the country, and with the fifth season slightly delayed due to contract issues, fans can now easily get their fix.

Every little step like this one will slowly make Netflix’s streaming service more and more attractive–that is… providing they continue bolstering the content moving forward.

What about you? Are you a Mad Men fan? Are you still a Netflix customer (if you were in the first place)? Do you think that if Netflix continues adding high profile content it will make the streaming service more valuable to dissatisfied customers?