Netflix has made an upgrade to their mobile app for iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad, and this update is especially good news for owners of the latter: the new Netflix app is optimized for use and viewing on the iPad, and it looks pretty slick.

I know, I know… this isn’t exactly breaking news–the update happened several days ago. But I don’t personally own an iPad, so I didn’t have a chance to look at the new Netflix interface for iOS until over the Christmas holiday when I was visiting with some iPad-owning family members.

The New Netflix iOS App

It’s definitely cool. Of course, I don’t have tons of experience with the old Netflix app on the iPad, so I’m still probably not the best person to judge.

Still, the iPad is still far and away the dominant tablet device, so this is just one more move by Netflix to try and keep their customers happy in the wake of the past year’s PR disasters. Since the price hike Netflix has signed several major new content licensing deals, offered a free extra DVD to members (myself and almost everyone I know who uses the service), and now they’ve souped up the iOS experience to make it more intuitive and efficient.

I’m especially pleased with the Newly Added To Netflix category. These are television shows and movies that have recently been added to the Netflix streaming service for the first time–whether they’re brand new films or classics. That’s a category I don’t have on my PC Netflix interface, and yet it’s one that I’ve often wished existed. Heavy Netflix users are definitely interested in knowing what content has just become available.

Want to take a look? Here’s a video from the JustTechChannel on YouTube walking you through the new Netflix iOS app interface: