In the fight to win back the hearts of consumers burned by the price hike, Netflix might have an ace up their sleeve: your kids. As any major retailer can tell you, if you get the kids… you get the parents… or at least their money. Netflix may be many things, but they haven’t shown themselves to be stupid, so they’ve created a kid-friendly version of the site that strips out the text and focuses on familiar, recognizable characters.

Netflix For Kids?

The new Netflix for kids is still in testing, so it’s not showing up for everyone just yet. If it is available for your account, you just need to click the “Just For Kids” tab–a tab which I can’t even seem to find at all, so I guess I’m not one of the lucky ones. You can see the tab in the screenshot below:

The kid-friendly version of Netflix is similar to the original, but very streamlined in presentation. Most of the text is removed and the pages are dominated by cut-out characters from popular childrens’ movies and TV shows.

Why A Kid-Friendly Netflix Makes Sense

This just seems all kinds of smart to me. It’s obvious to anyone with eyeballs that today’s kids are growing up with technology as an everyday part of their lives, more than any previous generation.

As video goes online more and more, with the rise of Internet television and movie consumption, it’s only natural that these same children will also migrate toward mobile devices, tablets, and Internet viewing. Why not create a version of the site that lets kids safely (I hope) browse through kid-friendly content on their own?

Assuming the content is filtered somehow, I know a number of parents who would probably gladly let their child interact with Netflix and decide what they want to watch. And if you get the kids hooked… the parents who have a grudge about the price hike might eventually begin to soften.

What do you think? Is a kid-friendly Netflix something you would use? Do you think it could catch on?

(screenshots from GigaOm)