Netflix is going to get first-run TV-like original programs from Dreamworks Animation in the future.  It’s the kind of announcement that comes with all sorts of vague information, as details of the money involved (it’s the largest amount they’ve ever paid, so says Netflix) and the types of shows produced aren’t being disclosed right now.  But Netflix continues to invest in original programming because, as we all know, the cost of renting other studios’ properties is becoming more expensive, and competitors are all looking for “exclusive” deals to make their services more attractive.  We don’t know what Dreamworks will be producing for Netflix, but we can speculate a bit.

What Could We See on Netflix After Deal with Dreamworks Animation?

What we know for a fact is that Netflix already has a show based on a movie that hasn’t come out yet, Turbo (July 17).  And while nothing else is really known, we know that Dreamworks is the studio behind Shrek, Kung-Fu Panda, Madagascar, How to Train Your Dragon, and Shark Tale.  I can only guess that Netflix definitely wants those properties for original content, but there’s probably all sorts of other decisions that need to get made first, like–are they going to be able to get the original voices of those features to do work for an original series, or do they get (not famous) professional voice actors to provide reasonable facsimiles of the originals?

And, no doubt, there will be absolutely original content as well, not just stuff based on existing franchises.  Which undoubtedly will lead to movies based on those originals.  It’ll be that kind of cycle.  But good news for Netflix as they continue to strive to be the HBO in which you don’t need a cable subscription.