An update just dropped over the weekend for the Netflix app (updating to version 1.4) for Android 2.2 and 2.3 that gave users access to Netflix. That’s a big group of users who can now more commonly run into the ‘single stream’ error as they try to share their accounts with their families at home.

Netflix Android Update For 2.2 & 2.3 Devices

If you remember, just last week Netflix reported they would begin enforcing the one stream per account rule and that if you wanted two streams you would have to pay for two full-price accounts, regardless of the fact that you can have 50 devices attached to an account and multiple profiles for family members on those same accounts.

Now, with the latest update to FroYo and Gingerbread versions of Android, Netflix can be consumed by smartphone and tablet users of those versions of the popular operating system. However, no update was released for Honeycomb, so if you’re still without them, might I suggest some other more friendly services?

Seriously, the app allows for far wider Android adoption of the Netflix service and comes at a time when the embattled streaming online video and DVD rental service needs some good press. This is a large expansion of availability from May when it only worked on five specific Android-powered devices.

You’ll still need that $7.99 streaming account if you want to be entertained, and you’ll need to shell out $16 a month if you want to entertain someone, while you yourself are in another room being entertained by a different piece of content. Now perhaps, you’ll be able to hit that 50 device limit on your account. Just imagine trying to track down which of those devices has an active stream to Netflix so you can take control and watch your favorite, old, films that are on TV monthly.