Do you like NASCAR?  Do you like Tony Stewart?  Do you think he’s going to finish ahead of Carl Edwards and take the Sprint Cup Championship?  Wouldn’t you just love to be in one of those cars hurtling down the track at approaching 200 miles per hour, seeing what Stewart sees?  NASCAR’s Facebook page is going to stream a live in-car camera of Stewart’s quest to win his third championship.  In fact, NASCAR fans are going to have an unprecedented pile of streaming options for Sunday’s Ford 400 at Homestead-Miami Speedway.  You’ll basically be able to direct your own broadcast of this race.

NASCAR, ESPN, Provide the Angles, You Pick Your Viewing Pleasure

So it’s not entirely out of the question that some die-hard NASCAR fan is going to have the Stewart feed and the’s RaceBuddy with 10 live views going while the normal ESPN coverage of the race is playing on an HDTV somewhere.  The options are ridiculous for such an event.  You can stream the race live on ESPN’s site or watch it with the Watch ESPN app.  It’ll be liking jacking into The Matrix and entering a world of burning rubber and gasoline.

But for many fans, seeing that Tony Stewart view is going to be the money.  And they won’t have to rely on a live broadcast to switch to it.  It’ll be there, the whole time, as long as Stewart is in the race.  The Sprint Cup standings are extraordinarily close, with Carl Edwards taking a 3 point lead into the final race.  The scenarios are get complicated for Stewart if Edwards leads for a lap or more, because Stewart will have to make up a lot of ground to win it through the points system.  If either of them win the race, the points are academic.  The Sprint Cup is the winner’s prize.