TheĀ legitimization of YouTube continues. We’ve already seen YouTube stars getting TV deals like Rhett & Link or Epic Meal Time. We’ve seen YouTube stars grab some awesome endorsement deals and promotional arrangements as well (like Hyndai’s Christmas commercials featuring YouTube celebrities). And now the feature film world is even beginning to feel “the YouTube effect,” as beloved extreme sports channel, Nitro Circus, has released a trailer for their upcoming feature film.

In case you live in a cave, extreme sports videos are pretty popular on YouTube. So are blooper videos–clips with “fail” events or pratfalls. And Nitro Circus kind of combines both genres into one by creating insanely difficult and dangerous stunts for themselves to attempt.

Here’s the trailer, which promises some jaw-dropping stunts and some cringe-worthy accidents:

If you’ve never seen Nitro Circus videos before… you’re probably thinking right about now how much they resemble Jackass, the now-infamous MTV crew of television and film fame that enjoyed cooking up and enduring painful and stupid stunts. Nitro Circus even enjoyed a two-season run as a television show on MTV at the same time they were building their YouTube audience. And while there’s certainly some shared entertainment DNA between the two properties, I think Jackass has always been as much about pranks as stunts–and never so focused on extreme sports challenges as Nitro Circus is. So I think there’s certainly some audience overlap, but Nitro Circus is carving out their own niche.

Judging by the trailer credits, it appears the guys can thank Red Bull, a long time partner/sponsor, for footing most of the bill for this thing.

So, will the Nitro Circus boys be able to take their two years of television fame and combine it with their online following to create an audience for their first feature film? I have no idea. But I know I’d rather watch some of the stunts in that trailer on the big screen than my laptop, that’s for sure.