We have a nice hodge-podge of videos rounded up here today.  A lot of them are special-effects-oriented.  Many of them emphasize action.  But one thing that you will know by the end of your video-watching here is that Mr. Rogers was an amazing man.  This new channel “Mental Floss” is already one of my favorite things ever.  But we have some silliness, too: Magic of Rahat is back with an imaginary friend prank that is hilarious, and Selena Gomez and Jimmy Fallon sing an Ode to Mario Kart.  Whatever your fancy, there’s something here for you on Fun Video Friday.

Fun Video Friday, March 22, 2013

You ever want to blow away a bunch of snowmen, what with their smug faces and their stationary disposition?  Well, “scottdw” did just that.  Try not to be totally satisfied watching those snowmen get what they deserve, in “Russian vs. Snowmen:”

Oh, but the battle has not yet begun.  Not until a lot of famous movie weapons get in on the action, with Sneaky Zebra’s “Prop Wars:”

Why not have some fun in the Hawaiian sun with a big cliff jumping party?  Devin Super Tramp returns with his smooth camerawork and yet another video that seems to be the very definition of freedom:

Here’s a music video called “Forward,” where everyone is moving backward in real life but then the video is reversed and makes it look like they’re going forward:

It seems like every week, Jimmy Fallon gets a pretty great funny music video out there.  This week, he teams with Selena Gomez in a song called “Mario Kart Love:”


Anti-smoking in Canada has been reduced to this: fart jokes.  But it’s actually really funny, considering the reasons the “Social Farter” gives for their behavior:


Learning videos were a little scarce this week, but we have ASAP Science talking about whether we should hit that snooze button in the morning:

And the new channel for the “fun fact” website Mental Floss, which has John Green and his amusing delivery going for it, gives us “35 Facts About Mr. Rogers” that will give you great perspective on the man many of us grew up watching:

As always, have a great Friday.