This week on the Reel Web, we review the latest online video news and trends from the past week including, YouTube implementing 3D Video automatically on certain videos, the partnership between Paramount Pictures and YouTube to provide movies available for rent on YouTube,  Invisible Children’s response to criticism of their Kony 2012 video, Google Hangouts (Hangouts on Air), Google’s ability to tour popular locations and more…

YouTube Converting Videos to 3D

In the hopes that 3D is the wave of the future, YouTube announced that it will start converting any 1080p video that is uploaded to a 3D version.  Using a combination of characteristics found in the video including things like color, spatial layout and motion, they are able to estimate a depth map for each frame of the video to convert it to a 3D image.

YouTube and Paramount Pictures to Provide Movies for Rent

In a similar fashion to XBox Live or Amazon Video, YouTube will soon be offering hundreds of movies available for rent via a partnership with Paramount Pictures.  It appears current pricing is similar to other online rental sites, however it is possible the move could be YouTube’s attempt at placing themselves in line for potential future expansion in this area with all the new technology coming out that already has YouTube integrated into the systems.

Invisible Childrens’ Response to Criticism of Kony 2012 Video

Since it first launched Kony 2012 – Part 1, Invisible Children has been causing a lot of controversy with their viral video and organization.  In a strategic social media move, the group has now launched a response video to give fans and critics alike a behind the scenes look at their organization and the people behind it.

Google On Air to Launch

At the recent Social TV Summit Google Engineering Director, Chee Chew announced that Google Hangouts will soon be offering Hangouts On Air.  The current Google Hangouts video chat is currently limited to 10 people, but with On Air users will be able to provide events to an unlimited audience.  Official launch date has not been announced yet, but in the meantime, let us know ideas you have for the first ReelSEO live event when this feature is available.

Tour the White House with Google Street View

Google Street View and Google Art Project have teamed up to provide you with a virtual tour of the White House.  The virtual tour provides you with the same tour you would be able to experience if you were there for a public tour, but it can be viewed from the comfort of your own home.  The groups have used cameras that provide images so clear you can zoom in to see details such as brush strokes on the paintings.  YouTube and Google Art Project already launched virtual tours of famous museums last year and we expect with the success of this project for more virtual tours to  be available soon.


  1. What do you think YouTube will do with all the new content they are making available? 
  2. What ideas or requests do you have for a live show by ReelSEO on Google HangOuts?
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On this week’s look at the Reel Web we are going to talk about a lot of stuff including what YouTube is now doing with 3D video, also Paramount
Pictures and YouTube have this collaboration where they’re going to make a whole lot of videos and movies available on YouTube, we’ll talk about what
that means. As well as how Invisible Children is responding to some of the criticism that’s coming out around the whole Kony 2012 thing. All that and
way more is coming up this week on the ReelWeb.

Hey guys, my name is Tim Schmoyer and welcome to another week of the Reel Web where every week we just highlight for you guys some of the online video
news from the week before, and this week we just want to start looking at the things YouTube is doing with 3D video. They recently announced that now
any 1080p video that’s uploaded to YouTube like this one, will be automatically converted into 3D video. Why? Well they’re banking on the fact that
3D is apparently the wave of the future and I hope so cause I just bought a 3D TV this past week. I don’t think I can watch a normal 3D YouTube video
on my big screen TV now, with my normal active 3D glasses. I think I have to wear the old school ones. So we’ll see how that works, but that’s kinda
cool. Apparently it’s working out very well for them and they’ve kind of figured out the whole technology of how to make a mock 3D just by how much
depth there is to a picture based on a whole bunch of different things and algorithm. If you want to read more about that that link is below and
YouTube kind of explains how that whole technology works.

Also coming to YouTube very soon are hundreds and hundreds of movies from Paramount Pictures, which is going to be awesome. They’re all going to be
available for rent right here on this platform. But what’s ironic about it, is just the day after this, Paramount Pictures parent company Viacom
announces that the appeals that they made for the whole ongoing copyright lawsuit that they’ve been suing each other back and forth for years
apparently the Court of Appeals approved it and now it’s going back to court and so it seems kind of weird that they can still make business deals
together while suing each other.

But what I’m more interested in is why is YouTube bring in on all these hundreds of movies, especially since they are not priced any better then what
you would normally get on XBox Live or Amazon Video or iTunes or anything like that, so why are they bringing it on and what’s the incentive?

I don’t know, but my guess is I’m just wondering if they’re going to try to make a similar move as like Netflix sometime in the future and right now
they’re just trying to get on the licensing agreements and the content on their platform and then later maybe to a subscription based fee, especially
since so many like smart TVs, like the one I just got and all new ones coming, they have YouTube built right in. Now you can’t rent movies through
most of them, but maybe that’s coming in the future and since YouTube is making it’s way into TVs and big screens through XBoxes and Smart TVs and
BluRay players and everything, I wonder if they are trying to just get the content out there on their platform first and then maybe switch to a
different revenue model. What do you guys think YouTube is going to do with all this content? Comment below and let me know cause I’m trying to
figure the whole thing out. Course I’m just speculating, but I’d love to hear what your guys’ guesses are. Why is this so important to YouTube and
what do you think all these different movies on YouTube – are they going to make a difference? What are they going to do? Comment below and let’s
talk about that cause I’m really darn curious.

By this time it’s more than likely that most of you guys have seen the viral video from Invisible Children called Kony 2012. And there has been a lot
of controversy surrounding this whole video and criticism about Invisible Children but what I want to look at in this example is how well they respond
to all the criticism and the questions that they’re getting from their fans, from their audience, from people who are just genuinely concerned. What
they’re not doing is just being silent. That’s the number one thing that I’m learning from what they’re doing is just don’t keep your mouth shut and
hope it will go away. Instead they are responding. And how? They’re making more videos. They’re uploading more content that shows, hey guys, we are
real people, we’re here, we’re not a scam. They show the behind the scenes of their whole office and their operation. And they’re just showing very
genuine, heartfelt messages from their company, from their non-profit organization. And I certainly think that is the best way to do it.

So I’ve been watching this whole story carefully, learning everything I can about when my stuff is criticized. And let’s say it goes viral or just
gets a lot of attention, it always brings a lot of negative feedback as well as positive feedback, how will I respond? I think that’s what you do.
It’s just creating content to answer questions. That’s what social media is all about being social. The one thing I’m curious about though is they
have disabled ratings like thumbs up and thumbs down on their video. And I kind of don’t know why. That seems a little anti-social to me. I mean
even if you get tons of thumbs down, like some of our videos have way more thumbs down then thumbs up, I’m wondering why would you turn that off. I
think that’s good valuable feedback.

Perhaps one of the biggest things I’m excited about that came out in the news this past week is that Google Hangouts will now be opening up to become
Google On Air for most of us very, very soon. And what I’m excited about that for is cause you and I, we have the potential to do some live hang
outs. And I would love to know from you guys in the comments below what kind of ideas would you have for ReelSEO that we could do some live shows with
me, Mark Robertson, our founder and some of the other writers and authors at What could we do in a live show that would really benefit
you guys that are creators or marketers or whatever kind of niche you happen to be on with online video. Please let us know in the comments below.

Another thing that came out this week that I think is really cool is that the whole technology behind Google Maps, you know where you can go street
view and kind of walk through different streets and neighborhoods, or even Google Earth. Well Google’s taking that same technology now to very many
popular places like popular museums and famous places around the globe where maybe you can’t visit a certain museum but now you can walk inside using
that same technology. Kind of walk around the museum, look at the pictures on the wall. They’re actually using these big cameras that take pictures
in a gigapixel which I never even heard of before. Like you can even zoom into the detail to see the brush strokes on like a painting of George

They just recently finished doing it to the White House so if you want to take a virtual tour of the whole White House just by sitting in the comfort
of your living room and using your little mouse to click around you can now do that. So that link is below if you want to find out more about that and
all the museums and famous places that they’re doing.

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