Movieclips launched a few years back with the intention of providing a place where users could find and share specific scenes and moments from their favorite films. Because the site has content deals with six of the major seven movie studios (still waiting on Disney), it’s all legal too. And now they’re bringing their library of movie clips to YouTube in a new partnership announced this week

About Movieclips Partnership With YouTube

Movieclips‘ library has expanded rapidly, and now includes over 20,000 licensed clips, and they’re all already available on YouTube. This makes them easier to discover and share, and should give Movieclips tons of new exposure.

For the user, it’s a total win. While there have always been movie clips on YouTube, they’ve mostly been unofficial (if not downright illegal) and of poor quality. The content from Movieclips is all of great quality.

And they’ve created a pretty slick custom YouTube page to help you find clips alphabetically. Here’s what you’ll see the first time you head to the Movieclips YouTube page:

Up at the top of the page, you can browse movie clips by any of the following:

  • movie
  • actor
  • genre
  • director
  • prop
  • theme
  • &  more (writer, studio, box office, etc.)

If you click one of the letters, you’ll be taken to a page with clips for movies starting with that letter. I chose ‘J’:

I pretty quickly saw this climactic and iconic scene from Jaws (giant shark warning for those of you with Jaws issues):

Then I started exploring. It didn’t take very long for me to find several Austin Powers clips:

When each clip ends, there’s a series of annotations that allow you to continue browsing similar clips by actor, director, or other options.

One of the fun things that Movieclips has allowed film fans to do over on their own website is use the catalog of scenes to create mash-ups, which are then voted on and ranked by other users. Here’s a mash-up called Technobabble, which compiles several scenes of really smart movie characters saying incomprehensible things in tech-speak:

If you’re a movie lover, you should be pretty happy with the new partnership. It means you’ll have access to tons of good-quality scenes and moments from your favorite films–perfect for using in presentations or sending to friends for a laugh.