Those looking for a much cheaper alternative to Steadicam will be disappointed with the innovations of the new MōVI stabilizer.  But those who can afford it should be impressed by the increased mobility and decreased complication of the new rig.  Gizmodo reported on the new stabilizer back in April, and now they are showing a video that is currently on MōVI creator Freefly’s Vimeo page.  If you’ve got a product that concerns video and filmmaking, go the GoPro route and show off the goods.  This video illustrates how awesome the product is by showing and doing at the same time.

The New MōVI Stabilizer: A Look at a Product Video that Doesn’t Feel Like A Product Video

Check this out:

So we’re not only seeing the product, what it looks like, and the product’s specs.  We’re seeing it in action in a great one-take that manages to glide under tables, go up stairs, and the image stays absolutely, completely steady despite the fact that we know someone is holding the camera and ducking under things and all sorts of other “impossible” movements that you shouldn’t see without a track of some sort.

The price of the new unit is $14,995, which is going to be out-of-range for many.  But if you’re going to make a splash, this is the way to do it, by showing the product do its thing.  The video above isn’t the only one showing it off.  How about this one where the stabilizer is used while riding horses?