This is going to certainly piss some people off. Motorola has a new product call Televation which has but one real purpose. Stream your TV signal live to devices connected to your home network. With all the fighting over whether or not recent apps by Time Warner were legal (that were meant to stream channels to a tablet on the local network) this should really get some heads turning, then shaking in displeasure.

When you consider that Dan Rayburn, EVP at, states that average US families have 10 Netflix-capable devices per household, streaming is definitely what we as consumers want. I’m totaling up the devices here in my personal work space and it amounts to five just for myself: Android, iPhone, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC. Then again, I do work sort of in two industries that require me to be connected at all times.

But back to the live-TV-to-stream theme. This Televation this is pretty cool and could do for the average consumer what digital TV tuner cards did for the higher end PC enthusiast, like my father, who have had this sort of accessibility for some time thanks to software like My Movies, Orb, etc.

They’re actually showing it off down in Chicago this week and I was thinking of heading down tomorrow so maybe I can get a hands on. Sure, this isn’t really Internet TV and online video, but it’s definitely interesting and giving users more flexibility.

The Televation is even able to check the capabilities of devices it’s streaming to and then match up the best resolution and bit rate so users have the highest quality experience. Isn’t that all just cool?

Motorola, in what is probably an attempt to soothe any rankled feathers, says the streams are secure and preserve the digital rights of the programs.That might help some braodcasters come round to their way of thinking, but it’s still questionable. Comcast, however, is totally on board and ready to be the launch partner, whenever the Televation is supposed to roll out.

I really need to get down to The Cable Show in Chicago, I think.