A month can be a long time in YouTube and September 2013 proved no exception with a number of big changes including the ability to identify your biggest fans, download some royalty free music to use on your video without worrying about legal action, block those annoying trolls who pounce on anything you seem to do and show off your marketing and business skills to other YouTubers. We take a look back at the last month so you don’t have to.

 Audience Analyser: Who Are Your Most Engaged Fans?

small youtubeYouTube loves to see great content do well on the site and it rewards creators who consistently attract high views, engaged comments and a steady increase in subscribers. Now it wants to let those creators see who their biggest fans are so they can reach out to them in a variety of ways – perhaps for a collaboration or to to into that subscriber base. Only available to those with over 5000 subscribers at time of writing. Read more here.

YouTube Mobile Apps Bring Downloadable Offline Access

small youtubeThis is a huge step for YouTube, particularly as their T&C’s have made it very clear that downloading from the site is strictly prohibited. But, from November, users will be able to download video content (excluding that of Vevo and other partners who wish to drop out) to their mobile devices and watch those clips for up to 48 hours. Viewers can even watch it offline if internet access is unavailable. Read more here.

 Trolling Comments Should Become A Thing Of The Past

small youtubeSpiteful, unhelpful and offensive comments have become as much of the YouTube landscape as the videos themselves but that doesn’t mean to say they are welcome or add anything to the user experience. For the longest time, account holders could only moderate every comment made or turn them off together. Now, they can ban persistent offenders by user or by certain trigger keywords used in the comments. A big step forward for all concerned. Read more here.

Creators Get 150 Royalty Free Music Tracks To Use

small youtubeA good soundtrack can make the difference between a run of the mill video or a great one but many content creators, especially those who are unaware of the legal implications, often fall foul of both YouTube and the licence holder for using music that they have no lawful right to. YouTube are now offering 150 royalty free instrumental tracks for use on any video – whether that video is uploaded to YouTube or not. Available now. Read more here.

 New Cross Promotion Features To Showcase Other Content

small youtubeIf you have more than one YouTube channel, which many brands and creators do, then the new cross promotion feature make it easier to showcase those other channels and to integrate third party content. This is fantastic news if you want to reference other videos or just to highlight the work of other collaborators on the site if you think that would add extra value to your subscribers. You can also create multi channel playlists! Read more here.

New Live Streaming Options For Content Creators

small youtubeYouTube channels with more than 100 subscribers now have access to the site’s live streaming feature which is extremely useful for those who want to explore this type of video communication. There are two ways of implementing the live streaming feature, either on the YouTube watch page or via the embeddable player on your own site. ReelSEO took a look at the pros and cons of both approaches. Read more here.

YouTube Team Up With Fox Sports For Advertising Opportunity

small youtubeYouTube and Fox Sports teamed up to sell ads on the sport network’s YouTube channel with Burger King as the initial sponsor. The fast food chain is running pre-roll ads for its range of Buffalo Chicken Strips and its branding will also appear within the videos on the ‘Inside Fantasy’ section of the channel. The ad revenue share between Fox and YouTube is believed to be 55:45 although no official figures have been released. Read more here.

YouTube Creators Need Your Help To Inspire Other Creators

small youtubeGreat YouTube creators not only produce fantastic content – they also know how to market it and how to reach out to others, both on YouTube and beyond. YouTube recognise that there is both a need and desire from many on the site to improve their skills in these areas and so they are encouraging contributions from users to showcase their skills and experise to others who could learn from a helping hand. Read more here.