Last weekend, an illness kept me cooped up in the house, and I ended up spending it watching emerging viral videos. That led to a Monday round up article to start your week with the weekend’s most buzzed-about videos. Which was, apparently, much enjoyed. So this weekend, even though the illness was gone, I found myself watching a good deal of online video yet again… I know, I know… it’s a dirty job. 

Here are the videos I expect to be filling up your inboxes and spurring conversations around the donut box as your work week begins:

Creative Commercials

ThinkGeek scored a couple of viral hits over the last few days, with April Fools videos that launched on Friday. The first is a playful clip promoting the fictional new “Star Wars Lightsaber Popsicles”:

Funny. The company also got laughs with an ad for a phony Apple iStore playset:

April Fools Day is the perfect excuse for some companies to cut loose. ThinkGeek cuts loose plenty during the normal course of business, but decided to have a little extra fun with the holiday nonetheless. And clearly, the viewers enjoyed the gags.

Quizno’s released an insane ad last week that would have been right at home alongside the latest creepy clip from Skittles, and over the weekend, the Quizno’s weirdness finally found an audience. It’s funny, but only in that strange-and-creepy kind of way:

The Young Director Award (Cannes) also put out a buzz-worthy ad over the weekend, entitled “Born To Create Drama”:

Humor is the single most popular approach for branded online video, in part because of its versatility. Humor can come with hints of creepiness, fright, or even parody, and all of them can find a unique viral audience… as the ads above prove.

Cats Being Mean

I’m a sucker for cute animal videos, but sometimes an animal clip goes viral without any traces of cuteness. Such as the case of the cat harassed by the annoying bird… who took as much abuse as he could until he was compelled to fight back:

It’s hard to blame that cat, really, because the bird was kind of asking for it. But the cat in our next video has no real excuse for his behavior… he mostly seems like a bully:

Fun With Rap Music

Lonely Island, the group responsible for most of the Digital Shorts on Saturday Night Live (many of which are viral hits in their own right), has a new album out next month. To promote the album, they did what they do best–they created a vile, foul-mouthed rap song (WARNING: really bad language, which you should expect from these guys by now):

Popular YouTuber NicePeter also put out a rap song (with some salty language of its own) featuring a fictional rap battle between Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking:

Another way to have fun with rap music, aside from writing silly or foul lyrics, is to take an established rap song into a new genre… like speed-guitar-playing:

Taking a genre that most viewers are familiar with (rap music) and tweaking it just a bit is a well-established way to grab the audience’s attention in a way that encourages them to share what they’ve seen with friends.

Rare Sports Feats

Another entry this weekend in the long line of “trick shots” videos, this time from a pretty talented soccer player:

An unlikely basketball star emerged as well, the college dunk contest champion, who is entirely too short to be able to leap so high:

A good sports viral video doesn’t have to be limited to clips of outstanding athletic achievements. Sometimes it can go viral due to something completely unrelated to the sport itself… like, for instance… bees:

Now Get To Work

I’ve done all I can to extend your weekend into the Monday morning hours with some excellent branded and amateur videos.  At this point, whether you’re able to dive in and get some work done today is entirely in your own hands. Hopefully, you work better after you’re entertained.