Mogulus, which always sounded to me like a beast from the Jabberwocky along with the jub-jub bird and the Bandersnatch, is no longer. Well it is, however it has been slain through and through and risen up from its own ashes, a la the Phoenix, to become LiveStream. A far more descriptive name if you ask me.

Along with the name change and a branding nightmare (changing logos and names is always a major headache) they’ve also arisen with some new features which include a new instant broadcast ability.

Now only have they re-branded and beefed up some features but they’ve also rebuilt their site from the ground up. Of course we’re more interested in what new features they’re offering than a new virtual coat of pain.

The new Instant Broadcast feature lets you one-click your way to online video stardom and ties into chat and Twitter to help you promote your videos. That’s pretty cool as far as I’m concerned. They say it works with almost any webcam or camcorder. All that right from the web app or you can download Procaster (the desktop app) and do it from there.

Sure they changed their name, domain, logo and the like, but you still have the same great features that you had before. Even your channels will continue to work properly and you don’t really need to do anything.