The simplest concepts I’ve long held that Shazam is quite possibly the most useful smart phone app on the planet–it’s certainly the one I used the most out of all the apps I’ve ever downloaded. It’s definitely a simple concept (hear a song you want to know more about, press the button on the app, and then discover the title and artists within seconds), and one that appears ready to make the jump to other forms of media beyond music.

Mobile Video App MoviePal

The mobile video app MoviePal is a brand new app for iOS devices (iPhone & iPad) that basically wants to be Shazam for movie trailers. If you see a trailer on television or in the theater, you simply press a button on the app and the trailer is identified for you and tagged for later. Like Shazam, there are big plans for social interaction, allowing users to spread the word about what movies they’re interested in.

Here are the main MoviePal features:

  • Capture and tag movie trailers you see on TV and in the theater
  • Watch movie trailers on your device
  • Get reminders when movies you tag are released
  • Share movie trailers with friends
  • See what movies are playing in the theater

This could be a pretty cool app–I don’t have an iPhone, so I won’t know until they release an Android version. Hollywood will love it, because it takes movie fans and makes them even more engaged and excited. Fans will love it because they’ll be able to identify a trailer they only caught a few moments of, or recall and rewatch a trailer they really enjoyed.

The funny thing about MoviePal, though, is that it’s really an audio technology. No need to point your video camera at the TV playing the trailer… the app uses the trailer audio to identify which trailer you’re watching.

Someone with an iPhone should go grab the MoviePal iOS app and let me know if it works as advertised, because if it does… it could be huge.

MoviePal is free, and currently available in the App Store.