One thing that can have a major impact on the success of a small business is advertising. Obviously, there are many different forms that advertising can take. Physical advertising, such as the type found on billboards, is still very much present in this day and age.  However any business that restricts itself to this form will eventually be left behind by their competitors.

Over the past few years, mobile video advertising has been providing advertisers with a great new way to reach a much wider customer base. It must be said however, that video advertising itself is not a new thing. Obviously, advertisements have been running on the television for many years, and over the last few years websites such as YouTube and Daily Motion have also hosted advertisements before and during their content. Nowadays, the advent of the smartphone allows for mobile streaming on handheld devices, meaning that companies can have their adverts displayed on a wide range of phones too.

Despite having only been around for a couple of years, mobile video advertising itself is developing all the time. In the beginning, adverts would be placed at the beginning of a video, and users would be forced to watch the entire video before viewing their chosen content. This could grate on particularly impatient users, and perhaps even put them off using a service out of spite. Thankfully, there are now more options for advertisers.

Mobile Video Advertising & Small Businesses

Perhaps the most popular option is to embed the advertisement in a video or application, which means that you aren’t forcing the viewers to watch an advertisement they may not necessarily be interested in. However, the advert will still be present throughout the video and the users have the option to click off it. There are doubts as to whether this is effective enough, as many users may just click off the advert before even giving it the time of day.

Moving on to the more technical side of things, the advances in mobile connectivity have had a huge effect on mobile video advertising. Prior to the advent of 3G connectivity, streaming on mobile devices was unpredictable at best. Nowadays however, technological improvements mean that it’s actually possible to compare mobile streaming to that of a regular PC. This obviously helps small businesses to no end, as a reliable mobile video advertising campaign could help boost turnover significantly with an improved click ratio.

Another bonus for small businesses is the fact that almost every smartphone, no matter whether they use the Apple, Android, Windows or any other operating system, tends to use the Java platform. This is great news for small businesses as they won’t have to spend more of their budget and delegate more of their workforce to creating campaigns for multiple platforms. With Java, when the advert is clicked on, this takes the viewer straight to the company’s website, meaning that viewers are potentially one click away from making a purchase.

Mobile video advertisement, if implemented correctly, is something that no small business should overlook. With the ever-growing list of new gadgets on the market, there is the potential to reach an entirely new audience and maximise profits like never before.