Google and Brightroll today announced a new partnership that will see Brightroll pre-roll video advertising inventory being pulled into mobile apps through the AdMob SDK and the Brightroll AdMob Adapter. This makes Brightroll the first video advertising network to be integrated with the AdMob product.

The announcement today means that Google AdMob users will have access to seamless integration of Brightroll video ads in their mobile apps. That means better revenue streams all around, and there was much rejoicing!

So the deal is, if you’ve got the AdMob SDK you can use its “Ad Network Mediation” to pull BrightRoll pre-roll ad units into your mobile content.

“App developers often work with several ad networks to maximize mobile revenue. The updated Mediation solution in AdMob’s new SDK 6.0 makes that process easier and enables developers to more effectively build their businesses,” said Clay Kellogg, head of mobile platform and partnership strategy at Google. “Brightroll’s efforts to make their video ads available via AdMob’s Mediation solution represent an industry-leading example of innovation in mobile advertising.”

With the rise of the mobile user thanks to smartphones, superphones and tablets, it’s now more important to be targeting these users, especially with the rise in video consumption through mobile devices. Being able to utilize an SDK (that’s software development kit FYI) will save a lot of work on the app development side and the expanded ad offerings now available will certainly mean better revenue because, as we all know, video generally comes with higher CPM rates. Makes you want to go build a mobile app now, doesn’t it?