Last year, offered a chance for one lucky person to watch all 2,429 regular season games and attend All-Star and postseason games through a contest called MLB Dream Job.  The winner was then sent to New York City and a former Greenwich Village Tower Records location to watch games, mingle with baseball’s All-Stars and celebrities who come visit, and indulge in massive social media.  This year, the right to be in the Fan Cave will be a part of a web reality series, where challenges and voting will determine a winner.

MLB’s Fan Cave A Dream For Baseball Fans extended the entry deadline to January 31, and in February fans will get to log on to to watch the top audition videos and vote for the best ones.  Winners get to go to the Fan Cave, but then have to go through some challenges, and then face voting on who gets to stay.  Before the World Series is over, a winner will be chosen to rule the Fan Cave once more.

The original Fan Cave is getting a redesign from “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” designer Paul Dimeo, where the hope is to make the facility even better.

Here’s a look at the Fan Cave:

Here’s a few of the All-Stars and celebrities who have visited the Fan Cave:

Last year, winner Mike O’Hara and wingman Ryan Wagner got the incredible job of watching baseball nonstop and meeting people every baseball fan wishes they could meet.

As O’Hara says in Mark Newman’s article:

I would say get your sleep, take your vitamins and get prepared to be surprised every single time you walk into the Fan Cave…It’s really that good.

Make sure you take the time, if you’re lucky enough to get hired for this job, to enjoy each and every moment, because it goes too fast…Once it’s over, it’s over.

Here’s Orioles pitcher Jeremy Guthrie talking about the 2012 Fan Cave competition:

This sounds pretty awesome. I might have to put in an entry.