If you read my previous article about Mixpo’s new interactive video ads, called Frameworks (formerly Project Matisse I’m told), you know I had some questions I thought might need some expansion to get a better grip. So I went straight to the source, Walter Harp, Head Product Marketing dude (and main artful project namer?!), who was more than happy to expound upon all the finer points of the Mixpo Frameworks, so off we go!

Mixpo Interview – Frameworks Interactive Ads

In the multivariate testing does that include different frameworks so you can say check the effectiveness of the Badge vs. the Bug for a campaign and some specific product or creative?

Yes.  This can even be done down to the click level as well as at the macro level of the video ad’s performance all up.

Also in multivariate testing – can you swap out specific elements with multiple creative bits to see if one works better than the other? Does that also go for specific coloring of the background, frames, etc?

Yes. (Isn’t he agreeable? -CR)


  1. The more variables you introduce, the more impressions you’re going to need to run in order to get statistical significance.
  2. The only minor exception is if you create a Flash roll over element that’s outside of our studio/platform (i.e. roll over to see sales items), it would need to be a “click to see.”  That said, we’re in an ongoing process of adding Flash widgets (as we would call this element) into the studio, which publishes the HTML5 and Flash content,  so that advertisers can gain this ability.  Plus, if it’s not in the studio, if it’s just a Flash elements created external to the studio/platform, we have some mojo in the works to make that functional.  (Alright, I paraphrased that mojo bit. His explanation was much more in-depth -CR)

How detailed is the real-time reporting? It says for each element, does that mean everything down to an FB, Twitter, email button, etc? 

Yes. (He really is this nice folks, I’m not making this up -CR)

How are you doing the Quantitative impact awareness, perception and intent tracking?

It boils down to running surveys w/in the videos.  At Mixpo, we now have the ability in the platform to automatically set aside x% of impressions for control such that any campaign can show an “ad” that is essentially just a survey rather than the ad creative itself – and do this x% of the time in order to create a control group (we generally recommend setting aside 10% of impressions for control).  Then, 100% less than x% of the time we show the actual ad with an a survey included.  You can see a very simple example of this here:  http://www.mixpo.com/videoad/i8yZlqv0T3GSqoHHgaC6yQ/West-Wing-Debate.

(These guys really know what they’re talking about! -CR)

Right now are all of the frameworks able to display in both Flash and HTML5? 

Essentially, this is a…mostly, as they have been prioritizing the components and working on them one by one to make them into widgets which can then run in either Flash or HTML5. Presently: Ad Bar, AdOptions, Ad Brackets, and Canvas all work in HTML5. I‘m told that next week they’ll have another batch ready unless Christmas comes early and everyone decides enough work for the year and heads over the river and through the woods…you know, to grandma’s house.

So, next week you’ll probably hear more from me on what they are working on. Actually, I know you will because I have all sorts of cool inside info. Neener! Love my job!