In a very short space of time, micro, or short-form video content has become a vital marketing vehicle for many top brands and creators. At ReelSummit 2014, we put together a stellar panel to analyze the current trends for micro-video and which direction it may be heading in. The panel, moderated by CJ Bruce of New Antics, featured superstar Vineographer Ian Padgham, Shareablee Founder Tania Yuki, and Darwyn Metzger of Phantom Firm, who were there to discuss the state of the industry, and why brands should look to invest in short-form video content. Click play to watch the panel, and read about some of the highlights below:

Why Care About Producing Micro-video Content?

CJ began by asking the panel why should brands and creators even care about platforms like Vine and Instagram video when there are so many other resources that need their attention?

Ian Padgham: There are many benefits, one of which is the relatively cheap cost, and fast turnaround of video production. Micro-video content can also be produced off-the-cuff, so brands can use that to reach their audience in more ways than usual. The ROI can also exceed the more highly-produced video content. Also, at 6 seconds, the viewer has already seen the branded content before they can exit out of it….

Darwyn Metzger: The most important consumer is the one that hasn’t yet made up their mind. Older people know what they want so it’s very hard to sway them but the younger demographic responds very well to short-form video as it breaks down the barriers for them. It’s highly shareable and very short – so real attention span needed!

Tania Yuki: Social video is still evolving but platforms like Instagram video are growing at a rate of about 300% per month. There’s a smaller commitment needed from the viewer, and it’s just much more fun which is why it’s working.

What Content Performs Best on Vine and Instagram?

Darwyn Metzger: On Vine, there is a definite trend towards ‘ratchet’ humor, and that does really well on social. Of course, anything that includes some teen heartthrob attracts a massive amount of engagement.

Ian Padgham: The content that I’ve seen do very well are the videos that are less direct-marketing, the ones that aim for a more human connection. It’s less about the brand and more about the creative.

Tania Yuki: You can really celebrate the product, especially on Instagram, and brands like GoPro do this really well. Because time is very limited, the product has to take center stage and retailers are definitely benefitting from this strategy.

We’d like to say a big thank you to CJ for moderating, and to Ian, Darwyn and Tania for sharing their extensive knowledge of short-form video with the attendees of the ReelSummit.