The sports world was filled with awesome videos this week.  Of course, one of them involves the Harlem Shake, but others just involve being breathtaking.  There’s something about extreme sports, especially shot through a GoPro lens, that attains the perfect image of freedom.  And there were a ton this week.  It’s likely that all of your adrenaline-rush fantasies will come true by watching these videos, albeit from a distance.  But don’t worry, I stuck some comedy videos in here as well, and a few learning vids.  It’s Fun Video Friday, everyone.

Fun Video Friday, March 1, 2013

The most amazing video I saw this week involves Sir Ravi The Juggler, who isn’t just juggling that Rubik’s Cube:

I love baseball and I love that it’s back, although we’ll have to sit through a month of Spring Training before it actually matters.  But there’s always something interesting going on, and this catch by NC State’s Brett Williams is amazing:

Here’s an uplifting story about paralyzed motocross rider Darius Glover and his drive to continue to enter competitions.  This guy will make you feel bad about everything you do.  But seriously, it’s a great story:

Devon Supertramp is back and this time he’s got a bunch of friends dangling from an Insane Rope Swing:

Did you think we could get through an Extreme Sports-heavy video week without something from GoPro being in there?  Of course not.  Here’s “Skydiving with an Umbrella:”

Lebron and the Miami Heat could not resist doing an instant-viral Harlem Shake, extended past the normal length:

Of course, the Heat aren’t the only team doing Harlem Shakes, as LEGO Avengers have something to say on the matter:

Speaking of memes, the Fine Bros. decided to dust off an old one when they got YouTubers like Philip DeFranco, iJustine, SMOSH, and Rhett & Link to react to RickRolling:

Key and Peele have become comedy sensations much because of YouTube.  And here, they visit Epic Rap Battles and fight in “Gandhi vs. Martin Luther King:”

ASAP Science decided to tackle a curious question: Butter or Margarine?

MinutePhysics continued their assault on the universe with their new video, “How Big Is the Universe?”

A very enlightening CGP Grey Q & A, done because he just hit an amazing 500,000 subscribers, also contains a valuable nugget of information on how to succeed on YouTube:

Have a great Friday, everyone.