Here’s a novel thought, take reach and frequency metrics, usually left to the realm of video, and apply them to display ads. Alright, so it’s not extremely novel at all, but it is when it is comScore’s metrics on Google products, this time round it’s DoubleClick getting the GRP treatment. I wonder how comScore will decide on an ad view, perhaps 0.3 seconds of on screen time? That sounds about right considering their 3 seconds is a video view metric base.

U.S. DoubleClick advertisers are about to get some new metrics in their dashboards thanks to a year-long integration test going on between Google and comScore. I have to believe that reach and ad frequency were always part of DoubleClick, so the only realmarketing pyramid news here is that it’s going to be comScore tracking instead of in-house Google tracking.

After the initial roll out they are preparing to add mobile and cross-platform measurement at which point advertisers will have real-time, cross-platform metrics for their campaigns. Google is also working on some brand metrics as well including awareness, favorability and consideration (for purchasing) as well as sales tracking all via Google Consumer Surveys. Those surveys are reported to have 20-30% real-time response rates.

This enables brands to turn the results into immediate action: brands that are using Survey Lift have seen an 82% lift in ad recall, along with a 64% lift in brand awareness. -Neal Mohan, VP, Display Advertising

It seems like Google is upping the ante once again as it tries to not only tie together display, search, mobile and video advertising into a single dashboard with comparable metrics but also working the research side into the mix by giving somewhat real-time revelations in regards to brand measurement, ad impact and effectiveness.

So what do they hope to ultimately achieve aside from a rosier bottom line?

By working closely with comScore and the industry, we believe we can make a GRP metric that will be completely actionable: both advertisers and publishers will be able to see if a campaign is reaching the right audience in real time and make adjustments if it isn’t. -Neal Mohan, VP, Display Advertising

With video and mobile ads gaining momentum and the digital advertising eco-system continuing to grow and branch out, it would inevitably become more and more difficult to track, target and measure the audience, the ads, and their effectiveness. By bundling all of that together from where the ad is displayed through to did it result in a sale Google is making something that any brand selling a product is going to want in on. And it’s about time. So, will this help brand better manage their multi-media campaigns or is there no good way to link a GRP-like metric to both video and display ads?