So, I wasn’t really going to do a “Fun Video Friday” after doing a Valentine’s Day-themed compilation yesterday.  But then, this Russian meteor thing happened.  And we live in 2013, so this phenomenon was captured by tons of cameras and posted on the internet for everyone to see.  So, “Fun Video Friday” just became “Meteor Video Friday” as we look at what is trending like crazy over at YouTube right now.  Lots of video of a meteor hitting Russia, and we don’t want to make light of it because people are obivously hurt and there’s a lot of damage.  But the footage is amazing.

A Burning Ball of Light Streaks Across the Sky

Currently, this video is owning YouTube right now:

Many of these are collections of different angles:

I mean the thing makes it look like daytime:

This one has a volume warning, as windows break all around:

Undoubtedly, even more will be uploaded.  This is incredible footage that people will be watching over and over again.  YouTube’s view counter is going to explode from all these.  If you look at the “search result view count” compared to the actual video page’s “view count” you will see huge differences as it tries to keep up.