I spoke with Greg Philpott, founder of mDialog, last week at the NAB Show about monetization opportunities for businesses using mDialog’s mobile video and dynamic video ad insertion solution.

mDialog is basically a mobile video-as-a-service platform operating as both a publishing and advertising solution, for both media publishers and advertisers of any business size. Earlier this month, mDialog announced the debut of their new video-as-a-service (Vaas) platform designed to support HTML5, live streaming, and dynamic ad-insertion into video streams.

mDialog handles both the publishing and advertising components of online video for clients.

  • Publishing – The publisher uses the mDialog’s technology to prepare their video content for HTML5 adaptive bitrate streaming devices like the iPad and iPhone, and iTouch; and as allows them to organize their content into shows, episodes, and publish base on dates.
  • Advertising – the other side is the ability to monetize the video content through mDialog’s dynamic video ad insertion technology. Greg says that they based this on real-time information from the overall video-viewing experience, from which their platform figures out what video ads should be inserted into the video content, at what time, how frequent, what geotargeting, and with either your own ads or a integrate with a third-party ad server.

Greg shared the example of one of their customers, an an independent broadcaster and specialty channel.

“They’ve been using our technology to deliver their video; and their sales team has gone out and been able to sell ads against their content, which they find effective because of the degree of targeting they can do. Their audience is a very niche audience, but they’re able to reach that long tail because of the footprint that the iPhone/touch/Pad have; and the brand that they sold it to was very interested in reaching that particular audience.”

What’s the pricing

Like most other video-as-a-service solution (VaaS) providers, pricing is based on a variety of factors. First there’s the monthly platform fee, which range is based on the scope and frequency of video publication. Then there is the per-ad fee that’s delivered on a CPM basis.

“So we don’t have a lot of fees unless they’re doing a lot of ads; and if they do a lot of ads, that means they’re making a lot of money.” Adds Greg.

Tips for small businesses doing dynamic ad insertion

“The types of ads a smaller organization could use is anything that has a strong, compelling call-to-action.” Says Greg. “We’ve introduced interactive overlays that give advertisers the ability to very subtly present a call-to-action that is presented on top the video; and they can click on that and have a follow-up. That can be used very effectively to drive their brand and get follow up information; and at the same time, keep the audience engaged in whatever the publisher (on our platform) has them watching.”