Another month has come and gone and ScanScout has put out its report on the state of online video for May 2010. The report continues to provide some valuable information for those serving up videos as well as video advertising.In the US California topped the locations for most videos watch followed by (in no real order) Texas, New York, Massachusetts and Florida.

The largest segment of video viewing went to Computer, Technology and Games with 34% but the combined Entertainment category was right behind with 33% (Animation, Movies, TV and Music).

In the combined Entertainment group, 40% of the streams were movies, 29% music videos, 22% TV and 9% animations. The Last Airbender, Toy Story 3, Shrek Forever and the Twilight Saga took the most watched spots (all trailers).

Movie trailers topped the combined charts taking five of the top ten spots including the first three. The new iPhone 4G snuck into fourth and Apple’s surpassing of Microsoft in stock value slid into sixth. The World Cup ranked a lowly ninth showing that Americans still aren’t quite as rabid about football as the rest of the world.

For most categories, the “prime time” for online watching is still the same as prime time TV with viewing consumption rising in the 4pm to midnight time slot. The exceptions being Family, Health, Home, Law/Govt/Poli, Pets/Animals, Shopping/Style and Travel and Lifestyle/Culture who showed more level viewing through much of the day but still had peaks in the evening, night area.

It would seem, that if you’re targeting in a specific category, that you’ll most likely get best results still in the after 4pm before midnight area though you might see a bit less competition in some of the other time slots. The other categories showed sustained viewing after 8 or 9am through to midnight with big drops between midnight and 8am. Less viewers during those times could also mean less competition for ad placement and perhaps even slightly lower costs if you’re looking to save a bit.

For full details and to subscribe to the report head to ScanScout.  You can also check out the breakdown and results for February 2010 and April 2010.