In this week’s Creator’s Tip, we talk to Greg Jarboe…and survive.  At the ReelSEO Video Marketing Summit, Jarboe tells us why advertisers should be using TrueView ads.  TrueView came onto the scene fairly recently–for those of us who are merely viewers, they are the “skippable” ads (or you get a choice between multiple ads).  They have tremendous advantages for both the viewer and advertiser–choice for the viewer and the advertiser only pays when the ad is watched…a “true view.”  So, take it away Greg.

Advertisers Should Use TrueView Ads: Here’s Why

As Greg Jarboe says, “TrueView is crazy: you don’t pay unless people watch your video.”  Jarboe later adds that he’s seen clients pay as little as 2 or 3 cents per view.  Mainly this is because the amount of YouTube partners has increased from 30,000 fifteen months ago to over a million today.  So, while advertising has increased on YouTube, there are more partners to absorb the amount of ads, and the cost has become low.

There are three forms of TrueView: In Search, In Display, and In Stream, but they all work differently so you shouldn’t put the same ad through all three.  Run each of them separately: what works In Search may not work In Display and so on.

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