For those of you who may have missed it, a few months back Christophor Rick posted an in-depth review of an interesting web-based software tool for project management of digital media content, called Market7.  I caught up with the CEO of Market7, Seth Kenvin, to talk about their product offering and discuss some common pitfalls within video project management.  Seth also provides some advice for obtaining better efficiencies in the online video production cycle.

Project Management Software for Video Production?

To begin, I asked Seth to tell us how the company was formed and explain the basic idea behind the need to create a web-based software tool for video project management.

I had the experience of working with producers and working with people who appeared on camera, attorneys who had to review the content, and other people involved in the project and I just felt that the way those projects ran was less efficient and less organized than other collaborations.

Common Pitfalls Within Online Video Production

I told to Seth about a statement given by Brad Inman, the founder of, during his presentation titled “The 25 things that TurnHere has learned about local video production and video marketing for businesses”at the Kelsey Group’s 2008 ILM conference.  TurnHere is a leading online video production company that clearly has had a ton of experience in coordinating and producing online video within an atmosphere (SMBs) that often is comprised of those who are less familiar with the video production project management cycle.  In Brad’s presentation, he mentioned that scheduling for video production projects “is the Black Box.”  According to Brad, an average of 4.5 calls are needed in order to schedule an appointment and 50% of people reschedule that first appointment.

I asked Seth to tell us how Market7 assists in mitigating common pitfalls within in the production process.

The majority of projects tend to involve some form of rescheduling and we have experienced the exact same thing and we propose better frameworks that can coordinate better into people’s schedules.

The people who produce video often are people who don’t have a lot of institutional grounding…  their more esthetically oriented, more crafts-people… whereas people in the client roles tend to be much more involved with bureaucratic structures….   How you get these various people to work together is a particular conundrum often in video production that we are trying to address.

Seth also talks about some common situations and examples where an online video project can get derailed.

What we’ve found is that often the problems that happen in video are because of some misconception about a basic directive with the project. The producer doesn’t understand who’s the key person is to approve it and at the eleventh hour that person steps in and the project gets unwound.

Or likewise the client doesn’t understand the importance of the shoot and the producer lines up a crew and lines up a facility and meanwhile, there’s disagreement about what is the script or what we are going to shoot or who’s is going to appear.

Advice for Better Video Production Project Management

Finally, Seth talks about the need for all of those who are involved in a video project to be aligned with the overall vision and the plan for achieving that vision.

A tip for better effectiveness in production…  is be really explicit up front.  …To have really explicit sessions in which you very procedurally go through… what you trying to achieve? How are we trying to achieve it? Who are the key players?  Everything from the most strategic to the most tactical elements…

Very frequently in production projects, there are people who haven’t worked together in the past and are thrown together for the project; they’ve have worked on vary different kinds of things in their backgrounds and aligning them is especially tricky and important to do up front.