Having never been in a marching band, I don’t really know how much work goes into being in one.  But I do know that when I see something like Ohio State’s marching band turning video game characters and scenarios into seamless formations while they perform their music to be a jaw-dropping feat.  Since the video was uploaded to YouTube on October 7, it has amassed nearly 12 million views, and with good reason.  Tapping into an internet marriage partner, which is video games, and providing really cool, amazing content to what is usually a boring halftime show has made this a huge hit.

Ohio State University’s Marching Band: You Won’t Be Able to Take Your Eyes Off It

Here’s the video:

You know, as amazing as this is, they should have had Pac-Man eat a power pellet, eat the ghost, and have two band members scatter about the field like the eyes did in the original video game.  Shame on you, Ohio State, for not getting that right!  Of course, I kid.

This is one of those videos that never intended to be a video in the first place.  We were lucky to have someone sitting high in the stands recording it for us.  We live in that kind of era where if something amazing happens, someone nearby is very likely to have a phone or camera on them to take it all in.  This is a case of where the content was intended for a mass audience at a football game, and now it’s being seen by millions, and pretty much anyone can enjoy it.  You don’t need to speak the language, there is nothing offensive in it, and it is likely to be shared (like I’m doing now).  You only need to know those classic games, and even if you don’t, it’s still amazing.  Truly, this might be fun for everyone.