Once again, a major sporting event is showing huge gains in its online audience, while TV ratings also increase, continuing to hammer the belief that showing a live sports event online will in any way hurt the TV audience.  Media Post is reporting that this year’s numbers for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament are amazing thus far, as CBS and Turner have seen an increase from 1.6 million unique visitors last year to 4.2 million unique visitors across all platforms over the first few days.

The total amount of streams for the tournament over the first and second rounds this past weekend was 36.6 million, doubling last year’s count of 18.3 million.  The reason for the huge increase is, of course, mobile devices.  While watching the games on digital broadband devices increased 12 percent to 105 minutes of live video per viewer, mobile devices and tablets saw a 42 percent increase to 61 minutes of live video per user.

Meanwhile, the actual TV viewership increased 9 percent from 8.2 million to 8.9 million, a number that is apparently the highest since 1993.