A few months ago I posted an article here on ReelSEO.com about HDR Video techniques and how 3D technology can be used to achieve this. RED is now really making waves with its HDRx technology: what used to be impossible with a single camera is now a reality.

HDR – or high dynamic range – video is all about expanding the latitude of your camera. Unlike our eyes, cameras are not able to handle high contrast lighting situations. As a solution to this very common problem, I suggested the use of 3D technology in this article. In short, it comes down to combining two synced cameras on a 3D rig, with one camera exposed for the highlights and the other for the shadows, after which both images are combined in post production. Effectively, you’ll be able to extend the latitude of your camera well beyond 12 stops of light (from the shadows to the highlights).

Although is probably a workable solution for those who cannot afford big ticket cameras, thanks to a very innovative technology from RED, this can now be achieved in a single unit. Just look at the footage below and you’ll quickly understand that RED has just made the impossible shot a reality. For a more detailed explanation on HDRx technology, read this post on Prolost.com from Stu Maschwitz.

Likewise, this shot from inside a barn would normally require you to either expose for the interior (with blown out exterior) or the other way around (with way too dark interior).

Ted Schilowitz (RED Studios) talks about the RED Epic camera, a $25k alternative to portable DSLR cameras.